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The Diabetic Dietitian

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We also provide education, resources and support in how to eat to lose weight whilst maintaining a nutritious diet which provides you with the energy to keep up with your everyday tasks.

The Diabetic Dietitian - Weight Loss

Excellent! You have decided to think about making changes to your lifestyle and diet to lose weight and to work on bettering your health; where to start? We are constantly being bombarded with amazing new magic diets or ways of eating that are superior to others and claims that certain foods are ‘toxic’ or ‘super’ via the media. It is not a massive surprise that you are confused. A visit to the Diabetic Dietitian is the best place to start. As a Dietitian, unlike many business people and celebrities who sell weight loss programs, Terrianne is a university qualified and trained health professional who has completed several years of tertiary level studies and ongoing education to remain up to date with the latest research and evidence in nutrition and food. Dietitians utilise the science of human nutrition to assist individuals to understand the relationship between health and food and to support individuals to make dietary choices to achieve and maintain overall health and to treat and prevent disease and illness. Terrianne strongly believes in small, sustainable changes to your lifestyle and diet to bring around weight loss that comes off and will remain off in the long term, as opposed to a quick fix fad diet solution, which will often result in:

  • Feeling restricted and deprived of your favourite foods, often leading to binge eating these foods at a later time

  • Lacking in energy and various nutrients due to eliminating healthful food groups

  • Feeling isolated when eating with the family and at social events

  • Feeling like a failure when the untailored approach is not sustainable in the long term and the weight returns, leading to a string of yo-yo dieting and poor self-esteem

What is involved in visiting a Dietitian?

  • Answering nutrition-related questions and providing explanation of the relationship between diet and weight so that you are able to better understand your condition why changes will be necessary to improve your overall wellbeing

  • Working through nutrition strategies that can be directly applied to your diet, realistic and achievable goals and ongoing motivation and support to make sustained long term changes

  • Nutrition education and knowledge to equip you with the confidence and skills to make your own informed and educated choices

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About The Diabetic Dietitian

Terrianne has a great passion for and specialises in working with those living with all forms of diabetes as she herself has had to live with type 1 diabetes for the past 10 years.

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The Diabetic Dietitian