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Sophia Anastasiadis Herbalist & Traditional Healing

Self Love Iridology ...
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May we create beauty, may we find our balance and bring balance back to our world and to Mother Nature.

Sophia Anastasiadis Herbalist & Traditional Healing

Hello and welcome to the FlowerEvolution, a return to nature and a celebration of the wisdom of plants. The FlowerEvolution is an offering of ancient wisdom & teachings focusing on healing using the natural world.

I am Sophia, I have been of service as a herbalist and a healer for over 19 years and have come to understand that through being kind and gentle to ourselves we can heal, grow and transform.

On the path of the shamanic tradition, my rites of passage have included time with traditional healers from Polynesia, India, Chile and most recently two trips to Peru working with Shaman Curandera, Madam Adela. My initiation with Shaman Adela involved working with Plant Spirit Medicines & their songs, & using techniques and tools for purification, protection & detoxification.

In this very sacred time I have created Liquid Consciousness, a beautiful range of Australian bush flower essences, created ultimately to uplift the spirit of humankind.

If you or anybody you know and care for, is experiencing a major life change, a broken heart, a disease or illness, or would simply like to connect, I would love to hear from you! Meanwhile please enjoy the offerings here on the FlowerEvolution.

Wholistic Consultation

With over 19 years of clinical practice as a registered Herbalist (ATMS Member No.16896). Sophia brings a wholistic and traditional approach to her consultations. With a wealth of experience in Women’s health, Reproductive Health and Natural Fertility. A wholistic consultation investigates the physical, emotional & mental aspects of a persons wellbeing as well as offering guidance & support. A wholistic health assessment may include diagnosis through iridology, physical observation and way of life. Herbs, flower essences and using food as medicines may then be prescribed to alleviate stress & sickness, and treat the whole person.

Shamanic healing

A deeply nurturing and relaxing form of Body Work using sounds, sacred herbs and intuitive touch, to induce a deep meditative state where the body heals effortlessly. Incorporating Shamanic Healing techniques of purification, intention and guided meditation, this Ceremonial-style Healing can be used in times of change or crisis, for awareness & receiving insights, or simply a gift to your precious self.

Liquid Consciousness
Flower Essence Remedies & Mists

These flower essence remedies have all been handmade with love and intention. They are an expression of the connectedness between plants and humans and of all life within the universe. We hope you enjoy these remedies and that they become a vital tool on your life’s journey. We are always amazed with the effects of these remedies and, even though they are an old medicine, we have so much to learn. Each 15ml remedy is for a specific emotional or mental state or for difficult and demanding situations. You can choose your own essence instinctively or have them prescribed by a practitioner or therapist. You can enhance the effects of these essences by creating a strong statement or affirmation, or simply using them with positive thinking aimed at creating harmony in your being.

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Sophia Anastasiadis Herbalist & Traditional Healing