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The Footprint Connection

The Footprint Connection

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Is this you? You're struggling to keep your Energy up. You're stuck in your business or don't even know where to start. You're frustrated, because you know that there is way more that you can offer. You're burning out in your current modality or job. You're feeling drained at the end of your Sessions/day

Footprint Analysis Sessions

Focus areas

Relaxation Fears Wellbeing Emotions Essential oils Physical ailments


I'm a passionate and highly intuitive Reflexology Specialist, Feet Reader and Holistic Empowerment and Transformational Mentor for Conscious Leaders and practitioners with 15 years of experience. I assist you in freeing yourself of lifetimes of emotional baggage, fears, trauma, conditioning and ceilings, so you can connect with your truth and message, unapologetically share your gifts and increase your authentic visibility, income and impact with ease.



With a Footprint Analysis you will gain:

    • understanding and clarity about your unique path, purpose and message

    • insight and clearing away of blockages that have been holding you back both physically, mentally & energetically

    • a powerful health boost and an increase of wellbeing

    • being held in a safe & professional space, whilst being nurtured & boosted up again

    • individualised support to help you step up and into your purpose and path in a focused and empowered way

Your Path is written in your Feet.

Your Feet represent you in your entirety.

Not only your physical ailments, but also what you think and feel, where you've been and where you're going, your strengths, gifts and blockages are all written in your Feet.

Your Footprint tells the story of your pathway to step out of where you are, and step up to where you are meant to be!

Book in for YOUR unique Footprint Analysis now and finally get the clarity and direction you've been looking for!

Supercharge the outcome of your 1.5hour Premium Reflexology and Feet Reading Session with a PreSession Questionnaire and audio recording of our time together (so you can spark up your memory at any given time after seeing me).

A Footprint Analysis Session is an in depth The Footprint Connection Session (Reflexology, Feet Reading, Clearing and Holistic Empowerment Coaching), supercharged to amplify the outcomes of your session to assist you to get crystal clear on your purpose, direction and a big step closer to living your full potential!

You can enjoy all of the above within a Footprint Analysis Session for only $250 

It's time to step up now.

Together we rise.


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