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Sep 2017

The LifePod

Contact Name Lauren Falconer
Phone 0405524869
Mobile 0405524869
Address 4/30-38 Victoria St
Paddington NSW 2021


This is my offering to you…a sacred place where you can…

Connect deeply with your heart, trust your inner wisdom and embrace your unique journey as a Woman in this world.

The LifePod

Before we dive in further let me introduce myself…

Hi, I’m Lauren

I’m a mother, yogi, doula, writer, calmbirth educator, shamanic woman-crafter, dõTERRA educator, director of The LifePod & creator of Spirit Birth.

I support women. Offering guidance to transform fear and anxiety into confidence & connection. Learning how to trust in your own innate wisdom and knowing.

I hold space for all women including pregnant women & mothers. Providing a soft space to land as you move through powerful transformation.

I also teach women about natural health care and empower them to completely upgrade their life and health using essential oils along with simple natural ingredients.

I believe that all women have the answers within and following your heart and inner knowing will always lead you to your bliss and freedom for yourself, and your family.

I know with all my heart that mothers need support, guidance, love and compassion.

I believe that support through pregnancy creates POSITIVE birth experiences and happier mothers and babies during the postnatal period and for a lifetime.

I know your inner world reflects your outer world, and working on your inner landscape is the key to creating a life that you feel great about.

I believe healthy rhythms can be a part of all families and will serve everyone in the most profound way

How this all began…

10 years ago I was an actress, having graduated years earlier from a prestigious school in England.

I was working in hospitality, going for auditions and studying an Advanced Diploma of Health and Yoga at the same time…

AND THEN…. I fell pregnant, the catalyst for my life shifting in the most profound and unexpected way.

Rewind another 30 years… I was a young girl with a deep awareness that a greater source of energy existed, that we were being guided, and supported by something so powerful and loving.

As the years passed I began devouring self care books, practiced meditation, bought crystals and essential oils and gravitated toward friends that wanted to have conversations about the universe, God, Goddesses, energy, different realms, heaven, and so on… Needless to say I wasn’t your average teenager.

Fast forward to today… I am mother to my 9 year old son, who lights up my life in ways that I could never have imagined possible, & honoured to be step Mum to two amazing children, well adults really, who are 18 and 20 years old.

But what about YOU?

How can I support YOU through pregnancy, birth and motherhood?

That’s why I’m here.

I want to gently encourage you to trust all that you have within, the sacredness of your inner world.

I want to offer you practices and tools, guidance and information that will make you feel more confident, relaxed, nourished, & excited about your life.

I am so deeply called to work with women during the ‘mother years’, the summer of our lives.

I have a fire in my belly and a longing in my heart to connect with as many mothers as I can.

I want to help heal birth, and help women and their partners, just like you, create positive experiences for ALL ways that birth can unfold & all journeys of motherhood.

I would be honoured to offer you support and loving guidance on your path, wherever you are right now.

There are so many ways we can connect.

If you feel called within, if there’s a big YES in your heart to find out more…trust it!

Check out here how we can work together and get stared on creating the pregnancy, birth, and journey through motherhood that you would love to have.


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