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The LifePod

Lauren Falconer

4/30-38 Victoria St
Paddington NSW 2021

The LifePod

I am honoured to teach YOGA and am passionate about the benefit it brings to our lives

The LifePod - Yoga


My teaching style has evolved over the years and I have now developed my own style that is soulful, intuitive, and deeply respectful of each individual.

Flowing Hatha Yoga

Flowing Hatha Yoga incorporates movement and breath, flexibility, flowing sequences, and strength. I love facilitating a deeply sacred space for individuals to come as they are. I help to answer the question “what do I need from this time”. I always encourage individuals to connect with the world within… developing a space where they can listen to their innate wisdom and block out outside distractions. This is how we can receive our inspiration, our creative epiphanies and guidance for the journey ahead.

Prenatal Yoga

For the past twelve years, I have LOVED teaching prenatal yoga. They are some of my favourite sessions and I get to combine my experience as a doula and in birth education with the awesomeness of yoga.

Mums & Bubs Yoga

A deeply loving and gentle space for mothers to connect with their bubs and to take some time out to connect with themselves again. A relaxing space where we are guided by the bubs… learning to move with the flow. This is an amazing way to relieve tension that can build from limit sleep and breastfeeding. The post-birth period is a time for healing and this sacred space in yoga greatly helps the process.

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