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The Lifestyle Program

Jeffrey Morgan

Sydney NSW 2000

My name is Jeffrey Morgan creator of the LIFESTYLE PROGRAM 

The 10 WEEK LIFESTYLE PROGRAM CHALLENGE is not about how much you lose but more so how much you learn to create a healthy lifestyle based around sustainability and proven results.

Learn how to lose weight the right way and become the leanest, fittest and strongest version of yourself.


The Lifestyle Program

When you invest in Personal Training with myself you receive the following

  • Full access via the LIFESTYLE PROGRAM app with detailed Training plan specific to your needs.

  • Individualized day to day eating plans with new recipes for each meal over the 10 weeks.

  • Over 800 Recipes based around everyday foods. 

  • Shopping lists for you eating plan.

  • Access to my training & nutrition app with INSTRUCTIONAL videos for your training plan, accountablity tool and the ability to track your workouts with tips to keep you on track.

  • Core program to strengthen your core and to prevent lower back pain.

  • Full health check which includes bio-age, blood pressure, body fat, muscle mass and more.

  • Weekly assessments via the group forum to keep you on track and motivated.

  • Weekly newsletter.

  • Flexibility/mobility guides.

  • Weekly education focus handouts to empower you towards your goals.

  • Regular measurements to track your heading in the right direction.

  • Supplement guide with discounted supplements from Nuzest supplements which are all natural. 

  • Client handouts such as reading nutritional information, healthy eating tips etc.

  • Shopping tours ONLINE.

  • Accountability tracker including measurements/before and afters.

  • Regular health & fitness tips via newsletter, text and email.

  • Transformation pictures.

  • Client of the week (Winner wins a 1 hour ONLINE assessment with Jeffrey Morgan).

  • Train under the strictest safety measures to protect you from injury and to also ensure we get 100% out of your body whilst training.

  • Slideshows to create calorie awareness.


You are what you eat.

Too many times I see people put in so much training wise only to fall down on the nutrition side and the combination of the both will help you achieve maximum results.

Nutrition is a key component to any success whether it be for weight loss, sports specific reasons or even muscle building. Food essentially is the bodies fuel source, so what you put into your body essentially will affect your mood & energy levels. All my client's receive nutritional advice to create eating habits that are sustainable forever. 

It's about educating you how to understand just exactly what is not only good and tasty to eat but what will also maximize your results within your training whatever that may be for. How many times have you been motivated, trained your, butt off but never really got anywhere results wise.

I will guide and educate you all the way to a new you, that I guarantee or I will give you your money back.

*You must follow the eating plan to ensure your money back guarantee. This is tracked through the accountability tools in the LIFESTYLE PROGRAM APP

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This is what you will receive when joining the program:
*Daily support through the video group forums if you have Q&A's
*Weekly eating plans designed to fit into your lifestyle
*Weekly training plans with instructional videos 
*800 easy and quick delicious everyday recipes to keep you lean all year round
*Weekly handouts to empower you towards your goals
*Flexibility and mobility guides to prevent injury
*Weekly accountability through video assessments
*Full access to the  training & nutrition app with accountbility tools
*Direct access to myself if you have any questions 
*Weekly newsletter with extra recipes, workout ideas & motivational videos
*Foam roller guide
*Regular mindset videos to give you the tools to deal with your triggers
*Regular weekly and monthly goal setting to keep you on track and motivated
*10 weeks LIFESTYLE PROGRAM with over 500 pages



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