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The lightness Of Being You

The Lightness of Being You

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The lightness Of Being You
6 Week Meditation and Mindfulness Course 
Term 2: Meditation, Mindfulness & Nature Immersion classes
Forest Bathing Nature events.
Online Sessions available
Group sessions, private sessions, 6 week Beginner courses, various workshops, events, online private sessions and corporate.


Meditation, Mindfulness and Nature Classes.


How can Meditation Sessions help me?

Current scientific studies are showing that the practice of meditation has numerous benefits for your mind, body and life. It actually changes the structure of your brain and how you respond to stress.

Psychologial benefits may include a more restful nights sleep, reduction of anxiety and stress, regulating mood, increasing self-esteem, increasing self awareness, reducing anger and increasing joy and connection to self.  

Cognitive benefits can include increased focus, better working memory, with less unhelpful and relentless overthinking.

Physical benefits may include decreased blood pressure, lowered, heart rate, increased immune system and reduction in pain.

Meditation is helpful for children, adolescents, men and women. There are many different types of Meditation, and i recommend initially attending a Beginners Meditation Course, or trying out different styles to see what best works for you. 

What does a Group Meditation session involve?

Initially I create a quiet space for you to feel relaxed, either seated or lying down. I then guide you through a relaxation process that is very important to assist both body and brain to relax deeply. I recommend to people to be in a place of 'unconditional curiosity'- not having any expectations of the experience. The less attachment to the experience and its outcomes, the greater the possibilities.

As the meditation session progresses the focus can be on mindfulness techniques, such as breathing, mindfulness of thoughts, or emotions or bodily sensations which assists you to connect to the present moment.

 The meditation then further deepens into a nurturing space of beingness, where you can enjoy not having to "do anything" just simply be, which can be deeply restorative. I may provide guided visualisations or stillness techniques, encouraging the deeper connection with experiencing your  inner self. Upon finishing the meditation you will feel relaxed, renergised and centered. 

Meditating in a group environment is quite powerful and can potentially assist you to move into a deeper state of meditation than if you are new to it and meditating home alone. Clients often report on leaving they feel like they have just had a massage, due to being so relaxed in body and mind.

Each week will have a different focus, with this term's sessions being focused on presence and inner stillness, getting to know your own energy flows and increasing intuition. We will also be journeying through the 7 main chakras to create balance in mind and body. 

I look forward to facilitating you to let go of stress, be more present in your life and to experience your own inner peace.

Tuesday Night Meditation & Mindfulness Online Zoom Session Details:

$60 for 4 week pass- 1 hour group sessions

Starting Tuesday 7th April. All welcome

Weekly on Tuesdays 7:45-8:45pm

Casual Bookings $20

 6 Week Meditation & Mindfulness Course.

       Next date for 2020 please enquire

This course is great for beginners or those looking to deepen their skills.

Would you like to experience and learn:

  • Stress physiology & why and how meditation and mindfulness is effective
  • Mindfulness to manage stressful thoughts/emotions
  • Interpersonal mindfulness with others
  • Learn how to meditate or deepen your practice at home
  • Effective relaxation techniques
  • Natural Mindfulness  Forest Bathing/Therapy

Mondays 7:30-9pm. Jubilee Hall, Macedon.

$190 for 6 weeks.


  Private Meditation Sessions $30 for 1/2hr.

Online Zoom, Skype or phone available from your home.

Learn how to meditate and experience mindfulness one on one, or just to experience meditating with guidance and reconnecting to your inner calm during these tumultous times.

A session that can be tailored to your needs. Great for people  who need flexibility of appointments around their busy schedule.


Changes experienced with Guided Meditation by other clients
 "Nicole is such a warm and generous teacher. She makes everyone feel comfortable and safe in the space. The meditation classes are so relaxing and beautiful, particularly the focus on nature. Her mindfulness course was very insightful and relevant". Annabel

 " I have tried many meditation classes and Nicole is an angel in disguise. Nicole's classes are always fun filled, empowering and enlightening. I highly recommend them. I can't wait to get to the class. I love them and i'm sure you will also!" Kathy  

"Nicole is an amazing woman, can't recommend her more. I first met Nicole around 8 years ago at her guided meditation class and found her to be very professional yet friendly nd flexible in the way she guided the group. As i result i was feeling calmer, sleeping better and interacted better with others. She gave me the tools  to practice mindfulness outside of the class too and that helped me a lot! Top lady and i think she is  rare gem in terms of meditation teachers". Kishin

2018 Meditation Class Evaluation.

Participants documented the following benefits from attending term 4, 2018.

*Reduced stress and anxiety

*Improved mindfulness

*More ease with thoughts and emotions

*Greater sense of inner peace

*Improved sleep

Results showed 7/10  to 10 /10 scores in improved quality of life. 

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