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Rosemary Taylor - Psychotherapy, Counselling, Life Coaching

Rosemary Taylor

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Rosemary Taylor - Psychotherapy, Counselling, Life Coaching
Do you find yourself repeating the same situations over and over again? Psychotherapist Rosemary Taylor may be able to help you to overcome your stumbling blocks.

Rosemary Taylor - Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is an in-depth approach based on the concept that we unconsciously repeat patterns in our life, over and over again. An example of this may be that you may find that someone in your family was alcoholic or abusive and that you end up entering into a relationship with an alcoholic or abuser, even though you swore that you never would.

Freud had a theory about "a compulsion to repeat'. We do these things in order to make them better, however one potential outcome is that we end up caught in a trap of complex difficulties. Psychotherapy is carried out in the longer term, but it is a cost-effective approach to dealing with the initial cause of any problem, which may have begun in early childhood.

Focusing on the relationship

The relationship between the therapist and the client is paramount in psychotherapy. Much like any other relationship, most people take some time to build trust. However, in a psycho-therapeutic relationship, the kinds of feelings we have in other relationships come up, such as fear to trust, quick to anger, idealisation, and disappointment. The work we do together is as much about the past and its influence on the present, as it is about the present and its influence on our hopes for the future.

What should I expect?

Psychotherapists work with the presenting problem and the way in which the past impacts the present. A minimum of 10 sessions are needed for us to get started with slowly unravelling the complexities of the issue. I visualise it as a tangled ball of wool. It doesn't matter where you begin to unravel, we will ascertain the source of the problem.

Methods used

I will draw on a range of tools and techniques: Transactional analysis, relational approaches to Psychotherapy, Psychoanalytic, fantasy and image work, free association using EMDR, dream work, breath work, and role play using Perls' two chair technique.

Still unsure?

Have you already had counselling sessions and think you have a deeper problem then what was addressed? Are you wondering if the problem may be more about exploring such things as Who am I, Do I belong, What is the purpose of my life? Psychotherapy can be of help with these kinds of problems.

Would you like to get started?

Email or call Rosemary Taylor to discuss treatment methods and how many sessions you may need. Alternatively, click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button below and Rosemary will be in touch with you.

Qualification Details

Rosemary Taylor is a qualified social worker and psychotherapist with over thirty years experience as a mental health professional in the private and public sectors, in the UK and Adelaide.

Her qualifications include:
  • BA (Hons.) degree in Applied Social Studies UK 1970 (major in psychology);
  • Member of the UK Association of Psychiatric Social Workers;
  • Certified Clinical Transactional Analyst;
  • Certificate of Family Therapy.
  • Accredited Mental Health Social Worker.

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