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As a and member of Faculty for the International Educational Kinesiology Foundation, Julie is qualified to teach various Edu-K courses that are part of the Edu-K Training program to become a licensed Brain Gym Consultant/Practitioner:
  • Brain Gym 101®
  • Visioncircles™
  • Optimal Brain Organisation (formerly called Brain Organisation Profiles)
  • Edu-K In Depth
  • The Brain Gym Teacher Practicum.
  • These courses are part of the four steps you need to take to become a qualified Brain Gym
  • Instructor/Consultant.

How Do You Become Qualified?

A quick overview:

Step 1 – complete Brain Gym 101. Brain Gym 101 is to be done twice and there are case studies to complete

Step 2 – complete Optimal Brain Organisation (a required course) and an Edu-K Foundation course - Visioncircles is one option fulfils this criteria.

Step 3 – complete the Edu-K In Depth course and case studies

Step 4 – complete the Brain Gym Teacher Practicum

For more information about the courses that are on offer or to discover which course is right for you, just Click Here

  • BRAIN GYM® 101
  • Brain Gym® Teacher Practicum course
  • Double Doodle Play
  • Optimal Brain Organisation (OBO)
  • Edu-K Indepth Course
  • Visioncircles Course
More details are available by just emailing or phoning Julie.

TEACHERS - Brain Gym In The Classroom

Julie has inserviced many schools and teachers in Brain Gym in the Classroom for a number of years. Brain Gym in the Classroom is an introductory 6 hour course focusing mainly on the Brain Gym movement program. It is part of a 32hour program Brain Gym 101, which is part of the training program of Educational Kinesiology.

What Happens During a Classroom Session?

Brain Gym in the Classroom introduces you to the Brain Gym movement program and allows you to gain some understanding as to why movement is the door to learning. You will learn Brain Gym movements designed specifically to enhance learning skills and how they can be used in a classroom environment to improve concentration, clear thinking, coordination and ability to focus.

Brain Gym in the Classroom can be experienced as an inservice to a school or cluster or by attending a class at The Thinking Body.

Benefits of Brain Gym in the Classroom

Results noticed by teachers using Brain Gym on a regular basis.
  • Improved concentration.
  • Better “attacking” skills.
  • Handwriting shows marked improvement following Brain Gym.
  • Writing shows more fluency, evenness and pencil grip relaxed.
  • Independence; children do own Brain Gym as required.
  • Children more settled and focused.
  • Improved standard of work.
  • PACE after every break helps to settle children down and prepare them for work.
  • Oral reading exercises for the reluctant/slower reader also helps with their fluency.
  • Hook Ups is an easy way to begin to teach relaxation techniques.
  • Children stay on task longer.
  • Improved work ethic.
  • Children can see the value of the exercises for themselves.
  • Children who become over stressed/focussed can be directed to Brain Gym to regain their “peace” so they can deal with the problem in a more positive way.
  • Improves teacher productivity.
  • Children and teacher are more relaxed and focused.
You can even read some of the comments that teachers have made after attending one of these sessions - just click here

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