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Take $20..00 off your Detoxification within the months of September and October when you come into the clinic. Tree of Life Naturopathy aims to help you achieve the best version of your health.

Tree of Life Naturopathy - Detox , diabetes & liver clinic

Servicing area

Sydney metropolitan & Sutherland Shire & Picnic Point

Focus areas

Health issues Conception Body composition Emotional wellbeing Blood analysis Addiction

About Ghada

At tree of Life Naturopathy,our Naturopath Ghada El-Semaani will put her 15 years of experienced and her high success rate to work for you helping you achieve your best results.

Ghada was prompted to become a Naturopath following the early death of her father to Diabetes and a heart attack - she is passionate about helping her patients achieve a better state of health.

We offer the following services:

  • Naturopathy

  • Herbal medicine

  • Iridology

  • Microscopy Analysis

  • Body Composition Analysis

  • Emotional & Stress Management Tools.

  • Counselling

  • Remedial massage therapy

  • Nutrition

  • Pantry raid

  • Cook like a natuopath workshops

  • Seminars

  • Health Retreats

We also hold kitchen workshops and seminars tailored to specific health conditions and offer pre packed short-term condition-specific packages to help you get to the source of your health concern.

Our consultations are comprehensive and thorough. You won't be overburdened with unnecessary vitamins - we will only prescribe the supplements you need to manage your condition. We offer a range of payment options and packages and we're happy to tailor a payment plan to meet your budget and have discounts for pensioners.

Tree of Life specialises in:

  • Detoxification

  • Insulin Resistance

  • Diabetes Type Two

  • Fatty Liver

  • Immunity

  • Anxiety and Stress Management

  • Liver Cleansing

  • Emotional Support

  • Lung Cleansing

  • Weight Management

  • Digestive Health.

  • Acid reflux management

  • Digestive issues

  • Womes health

  • Pain management

  • Counselling

  • Couples therapy

You and your health are the most important to us !

 To our patient: you are the most valuable part of our business we take your health and goals very seriously. Our goal is to empower you and give you the tools you need to experience better health.

We have a strict code of conduct and will never share or disclose any of your information to another party unless under a court order.

Here's what some of our clients have to say about their healing experience at Tree of Life

Janice's Success Story:

I met Ghada by chance and since then she has changed my life is a very positive way.

When we met I weighed 100kg and had all the ailments that accompany leading an obese and sedentary lifestyle:

I had high blood pressure, diabetes type 2, fatty liver and kidneys about which the doctor was becoming concerned. I was tired and emotionally drained. I used to eat whatever was handy, binging by the end of the day because I had skipped breakfast and, if I had lunch it was always on the run. I drank very little water. I did not get much movement in my day at all.

I approached my first consultation with some trepidation, anticipating a judgmental and reprimanding attitude. However, the reality was far from this. Ghada was kind and persuasive. She saw our time as establishing a partnership to bring me to a healthy way of life.

From the outset I have found her encouragement, guidance and teaching to be exactly what has been needed.

I now weigh 75kg (still some more to go) and feel better than I ever have before. The doctor is amazed that all the blood tests show that I have nothing to worry about now – its has been many, many years since I have had such a positive result after blood tests!

Ghada has guided me to a healthy eating plan, has me drinking heaps of water and even has me going to the gym – to the amazement of family and friends!

She is easy to talk to, careful and clear with her explanations and enjoyable to visit. I can recommend her highly to anyone who can see that they need help to achieve a healthy and happy life.

Janice Derley Picnic Point NSW

Sam's Success Story

I was truly apprehensive, however upon seeing the positive transformation my sister went through with Ghada only a year before gave me the motivation to go and see her.

Before seeing Ghada I was unhappy, I felt I would never shift the 20kg that I piled on over the past couple of years which were a result of health issues such as insulin resistance and glandular fever, as well as depression, deep seated anxieties, complete lack of confidence within myself.

It has been a hard journey, but more than worth it: I cried for the first 3 days after starting the initial process with Ghada. I saw her on the Friday and was ready to give up by the Sunday, I remember calling her, telling her that I cannot do it but she encouraged me to continue, gave me a few tips to overcome my fears and helped me to go through the tough times and I didn’t give up. I am so thankful that I didn’t. In hindsight I know this was more about anxiety and not the actual process.

I had support from Ghada, my parents especially my mum (whom Ghada helped previously, so she was prepared). This support was invaluable in helping me succeed.

I did this transformation through the toughest part of the year – winter time, when all you want to do is eat yummy comforting food. I pushed through the craving and this was easier as Ghada had given me healthy yummy recipes so that I wouldn’t give in. I’ll be honest though, I did give in every now and then, however these cravings became less and less as I fed my body more and more of the correct foods.

It was pretty amazing when your body is working properly and how it tells you what it needs.

As the months went on my anxieties lessened and my thinking became clearer, this allowed me to have more confidence in my decision making as well as my outward appearance.

I’ve lost 27 kg to date. I am so proud of myself, I couldn’t believe that I managed to pull through when I was ready to call it quits from day one!

It was not easy, however the positives of thinking more clearly, being happier and more having a positive outlook, looking nice in clothes far outweighed the difficulties I’ve experienced through this transformation.

Within a year I went from feeling defeated and unhappy to feeling focused and vibrant! Thanks Ghada for your help.

If you'd like to achieve the body of good health you've always dreamed of call Tree of Life and book an appointment with Ghada. Alternatively, click on one of the buttons below and Tree of Life will be in touch with you.

Take $20..00 off your Detoxification within the months of September and October when you come into the clinic.

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