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TranceAnd Hypnotherapy and Complementary Therapy

Joyce Bucholtz

Lennox Head NSW 2478

Servicing area: Lennox Head, Byron and surrounding

TranceAnd Hypnotherapy and Complementary Therapy

Hypnobirthing is a stablished method of Antenatal Program taught in many parts of the world with unquestionable success rates.

TranceAnd Hypnotherapy and Hypnobirthing


Hypnobirthing Australia has been created to suit parents birthing in Australia, at Home, Birthing Centres or Private and Public Hospitals.

In my courses, I prepare mothers and their birth partners with scientific and holistic evidence based information and the necessary tools for a positive, calm and empowered pregnancy, labour and birth as well as substantial information that will have lasting effects on your baby's life and yours.

Hypnobirthing is nothing new. It's simply ancient wisdom that was once lost, but thankfully recovered.

With tools such as breathing techniques, mind conditioning, self hypnosis for fear release, pain management and relaxation are some of the resources you will learn to help you easing discomfort during labour as well as natural alternatives in creating the perfect atmosphere for a calm birth.

"Parents go into the experience of birth more informed of their choices and that's empowering. Feeling more comfortable and more in control. Hypnobirthing is preparation, knowledge and  self empowerment." - Joyce

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