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TranceAnd Hypnotherapy and Complementary Therapy

Joyce Bucholtz

Lennox Head NSW 2478

Servicing area: Lennox Head, Byron and surrounding

TranceAnd Hypnotherapy and Complementary Therapy

TranceAnd Hypnotherapy and Complementary Therapy


Hi my name is Joyce, I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and a Hypnobirthing Program Childbirth Educator.

I am passionate about helping people tap into the power of their own mind.  Teaching parents Hypnobirthing techniques or through Hypnotherapy, empathy, knowledge and the wide variety of different techniques I have learnt over the years, I assist my clients to achieve results by breaking old patterns in the mind.  These patterns are what drive us to recreate pain. illness and limitation in our life, work, relationships and body.

We (my client and I) work together to create the new patterns of behaviour, effectively leading them to the result of reaching their desired goals, on all levels, may they be physical, mental and emotional.

'The course of your life and how you perceive it, is led by your belief system and mind set. Your thoughts act as the 'driver' towards success or failure."

Assisting individuals to shift their disempowering beliefs and habits into more empowering, beneficial and positive ones is what inspires me to do my work.  It’s also what makes hypnotherapy and Hypnobirthing so effective!

My clients desired outcome is my ultimate goal. 


If this ignites interest in you please feel free to Call or email me to book a session or ask any questions u may have. Change your mind, change your life!