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Fertility And Conception is A Complex Process. Vicki is able to take all of her knowledge and experience and help you to fall pregnant. 

Vicki Collins Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine - Fertility Management

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Female Fertility

There are a number of reasons as to why a woman may have some difficulty falling pregnant. It may perhaps be down to a diagnoses gynaecological pathology. Some common reasons include fibroids, PCOS or endometriosis. It may also be due to menstrual irregularities, choosing to start a family later in life, not eating correctly, work stress or lifestyle stress can all contribute to not falling pregnant easily.

Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture can enhance your success rate for conception bringing about:

  • Regulation of the menstrual cycle

  • Ovulation and improved egg quality

  • A prepared endometrium lining for conception (important for implementation)

IVF Support

IVF is not a straightforward process and it can emotionally and physically challenging due to the strict regime of hormonal drugs. It is well known that acupuncture throughout the IVF process increases the chances of pregnancy and live birth rates.

For the best outcome, it is suggested to begin consistent acupuncture treatments at least one month before starting the IVF cycle, then weekly through the IVF cycle and on the day of transfer acupuncture pre and post embryo transfer.

Male Fertility

It is integral to remember that men also play a huge part in fertility. The malefactor accounts for 1/3 of infertility in couples. Male infertility is assessed by sperm analysis looking at motility (movement), sperm count, and morphology (shape).

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  • Qualified Experienced Caring Practitioner

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  • AACMA - Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association

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