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During the initial one-hour consultation I will help you to identify what factors have lead to your present disorder and work with you to treat not only the symptoms but also the cause.

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This is a highly effective and warming therapy utilising a special Chinese Herb called “mugwort” that is burnt above the skin to strengthen blood flow and stimulate the flow of qi.


In Chinese medicine, everyone is viewed as having a unique ‘energy’ circulation. To maintain wellbeing it is integral for the body’s energy and blood flow to flow without any blockages. The avenues through which this energy flows are called meridians and the energy is referred to as Qi. Acupuncture treatment involves the use of sterilised and fine needles that are gently placed into specific points on the body to balance and normalize the flow of Qi to maintain health.


This relaxing and healing therapy is regularly incorporated into the treatments, especially for muscle and joint problems.


Specially designed plastic, glass or silicon cups are utilised to develop suction over a specific area to regulate the circulation of blood and increase metabolism of dead waste cells. Great for pain and muscle tightness.

Diet Therapy

Essential for maintaining and restoring health in both the short and long term. Food is medicine.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a system that involves the use of substances from nature that aid in the regulation and correct functioning of the body’s internal physiology. Most of the Chinese herbs that I utilise are combined with up to 20 others in a different individual herbal extracts that specifically match and treat your individual health concern.

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