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Whitelight Promotions Pty Ltd

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Whitelight Promotions offers a unique wellness program that provides an integrated body, mind and spirit approach to your wellness or business concerns.

Whitelight Promotions Pty Ltd

Servicing area

Red Hill, Queensland

Focus areas

Fitness Coaching program Spiritual awakening Healing art Nervous system Stress management

About Us

    • Achieve your wellness and career goals
    • Smash Roadblocks and Barriers on your pathway to health wealth and success
    • Invent the life you aspire to
    • Accomplish balance in the life role/roles you most value
    • Modify your mind and body to transform your relationships, work and life contribution

A personalised program with a number of consultants allows us to address the interrelated stresses at a micro and macro level. The result is a superior coherence between the inner self (mind and body) and the outer
response to your self (relationships, work and purpose). Its time to shine!

Your key contact will coordinate your program with other team members. The outcome is a personalised and accountable service.

Attend a “no obligation” assessment to assess what length program and combination of therapies will support you to your wellness goals.

Wellness Package options include a 5 Session Introductory block and 3, 6 and 12-month packages.
All packages include a set number of sessions with a value add which includes ongoing supports including phone and email supports, webinars, cds, eBooks and more…

Whitelight Promotions recognise and acknowledge that organisations have individual cultures. Our programs are
proactively and specifically designed for your individual and organisational needs. We provide measurable outcomes and cultural change via ourinnovative wellness and coaching programs. Contact usto discuss our corporate wellness programs, coaching packages and employee assistance programs(EAP). These programs promote healthy and productive workplaces for greater management leadership, staff retention and lower wellness related costs (absenteeism, presenteeism and injury related costs).


SUZANNE GOODCHILD – Business and Life Strategist, Coach, Author
Suzanne’s experience within the corporate arena spans a total of 25 years. Throughout this time, she has fostered an approach that truly connects people through the use of superior communication and negotiation techniques. Her specialty areas include: Relationships, with your people, with your customers, with your team. EQ – Emotional Intelligence. Human Resources. SQ – Spiritual Intelligence. Business Culture. Organisational and Communication Development.

AMIT NAND – Chiropractor
Amit believes in the fundamental principles of chiropractic and kinesiology: that if you find and remove the physical, emotional and biochemical (nutritional) causes of interference with the nervous system, the body will attain its natural health and happiness. He believes the powerful connection between mind, body and spirit must be cared for, and with the proper chiropractic healing his patients will be able to achieve an enhanced level of health and well being.

ROBERT HENDERSON – Business and Life Strategist, Coach
Professional Speaker, Organisational Behaviour Consultant, Facilitator, Trainer, Executive Coach, Team Consolidation Specialist; Robert employs unique “Relational” methodology to realise significant productivity and teamwork gains across operational,strategic or interpersonal foci allowing functional, harmonious organisational culture creation, improved output, higher quality outcomes, scope, performance and capacity at a whole of organisation level.

ANNA ROILFES – Kinesiology Balancing
Anna offers her 30 year clinical experience of many treatment modalities to help people access their innate potential for self-preservation and self-healing. She combines her medical background and spiritual healing abilities into a unique healing art. She gives advice on ways to improve postural and physical fitness, nutritional health, emotional balance, and spiritual awakening.

LINDA BROWN – Counsellor, Integrated Life Strategist, Naturopath
Linda has been in full-time clinical practice for over 10 years. She her expanded her studies to specialise in psychology and counselling. Linda is the author of the online weight management programme Nutra Vida and has co-written recipes for low allergy and gluten free food manufacturers. Linda puts her technical into practical solutions for an optimum outcome knowledge for her clients.

CAMERON SOWDEN – Kinesiologist
Through Kinesiology we can investigate and realign the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a person, so that their higher cognitive mind is controlling and directing their lower more reactive, impulsive aspects. People find that after a short period of having treatments that they feel greater ease in their bodies and in their relationship with themselves and others. Cameron enjoys working with people of all ages and at all stages of life from developing infants and children through to adults.

MONIQUE MOORFIELD – Remedial Massage
Monique is immensely qualified having been a Remedial Massage Therapist for 4 years, and a Reiki therapist for 7 years. She studied Reiki in London in 2003 & 2004 and level 111 in Perth 2008. She completed her Diploma of Remedial Massage in Melbourne in 2006 and is constantly up skilling to learn new techniques that will compliment her treatment. She has completed a workshop in Reflexology, dry needling and is finishing a Cert IV in Kinesiology.

Aromatherapy and structual allignment of the body has always been of interest to Bryony and she has found that by using her knowledge is this area allows her clients to get the maximum benefits of a Remedial massage. Bryony is able to use a variety of massage modalities including Sports massage, Relaxation massage, Shiatsu, Chinese Acupressure, Lymphatic Drainage and Advanced Deep Tissue.

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