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Welcome to Wholesome Natural Health Market A new concept health and wellness one-stop-shop has arrived in Broadway! Come in to see our new health & wellness shop. With over 15,000 products in store, we’re counting down till you visit.

Wholesome Natural Health Market

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Servicing Broadway, Ultimo, Chippendale, Sydney CBD, Glebe

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About Wholesome Natural Health Market

Wholesome Natural Health Market is a new concept health and wellness one-stop-shop. Our specialty is in helping customers attain and maintain optimal health and longevity by providing the latest evidence-based natural supplements and professional naturopathic services through our health food store and our wellness clinic.

We pride ourselves on making a healthy lifestyle accessible to everyone by offering a wide range of health foods at competitive prices with excellent personal customer service. All our customer service staff are well trained in nutrition and naturopathy - many are qualified naturopaths!

Come visit us and get the most up-to-date natural medicine information for your health.


Live Blood Screening
A window into your health through a single drop of blood

Do you know all the information about your state of health and your genetic predisposition can be obtained from just a single drop of your blood?

Using Live Blood Screening, with just a single drop of your blood, our practitioners can assess you in real time for your:
  • nutritional status
  • immune system health
  • oxidative stress and free radical damage
  • inflammation
  • liver health

We can then tailor our recommendations to you to help you optimise your health.

Iridology - Window into Your Physical, Emotional & Mental Wellbeing

With its origins going as far back as 1000 BC, iridology is the study of the colour, structure and pigments of one's irides to provide useful information about one's physical, mental and emotional constitution.

Come and "get your eyes done" at Wholesome Natural Health Clinic and get an insight into your health, personality and your relationships with others. Coupled with a birth order analysis, you will be empowered with information about yourself and your familial relationships that will enable you to make positive changes to your total wellbeing and build bridges in your familial relationships.

Get Your 'Pink-Slip' for Health

Those of us who own cars know that we have to get a pink slip from our mechanics annually to prove that our cars are road worthy.

Have you considered doing the same for your health? Afterall, our body is our physical vehicle that takes us through our life journey. It is constantly exposed to toxins from our environment, our foods and the stress that results from our modern day lifestyle. We fine tune our cars regularly to ensure that they do not breakdown. So why not do the same for our body so that we are always at optimal health and feeling great?

Do you:
  • feel tired easily / all the time?
  • always fall ill whenever there is a 'bug' around?
  • just don't feel 'quite right'?
  • feel well at the moment and would like to maintain your sense of wellness?

If you answer 'yes' to anyone of the above questions, consider getting a 'pink-slip' for your health at the Wholesome Natural Health Clinic

Grow Younger!

Do you feel younger than you are? You may well be!

Find out how young you are through our "biological age" assessment and learn how to improve your health and reverse your body clock!

Call Reece or Kyoko on 9211 1171 for your confidential "biological age" assessment using our latest bio-impedance analysis device. Enquire also about our anti-ageing supplements and our non-surgical facelifts.

Genetic Testing

Genes hold the information for growth, development and maintenance of our bodies - they help to determine all of our characteristics. A change in the gene (also called a polymorphism) may alter the instruction that it sends to the rest of the body. Not all polymorphisms are bad - it is because of polymorphisms that we have such great diversity. However, some polymorphisms influence our predisposition to certain conditions. The more we learn and understand our genome, the more we can do to improve our general health, assist to prevent the onset of illness and improve our quality of life. Learning about our genes can help up to answer questions like: "What food should I eat sparingly, or more of?" or "Do I have an increased genetic predisposition to a disease that I should know about?" Once you have the information, you and your healthcare practitioner can take the appropriate steps to minimise your risks and enhance your health outcomes.

Wholesome is proud to be one of the first wellness clinics to embrace the revolutionary power of nutritional genetic testing. This is a test that you will only have to do once in your lifetime as your genes do not change. All we need is a sample of your saliva and we can individualize our health advice to you in a way that no other diagnostic test can!

This revolutionary test values at $999. The cost involves the test and also a results interpretation session with our wellness consultant. Health fund rebates will not apply.

Would You Like To Lose Up To 3kg Weekly & Keep It Off?

You can achieve this using the Ultra Lite Weight Loss & Health Management System. At Wholesome Natural Health Clinic, we have trained professional Ultra Lite weight loss consultants who can assist you in shedding those extra kilos or achieve a sense of well being through a detox program.

Ultra Lite has been in operation in Australia, NZ and USA for the last 10 years. It is a proven suite of rapid fat loss programs that helps you lose up to 10kg in 5 weeks. It is a safe and effective program and works by switching on the body's natural fat burning mechanism. This is done by balancing your food intake and not by counting calories or fat or by using meal replacements.As such you will be eating real food on this program and will not feel hungry at all. You will also get all the protein, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids that your body needs and you will feel more alive than ever before! As part of the program, you will be educated on correct portion sizes and healthy food choices that you can then use for life!

You will be supported & monitored weekly by a professional consultant and will be required to do a few simple things as part of this program:

test your urine daily to make sure that you are burning fat
weigh foods and keep a food diary
be weighed and measured on a weekly basis
have certain foods taken away with plenty alternatives left for you to choose from
After the initial weight management period, we also have a Lifetime Maintenance Program to provides you with further skills and knowledge to maintain your weight for life.


Naturopathy is based on the principle that, when in balance, the body has the innate ability to heal itself. Naturopaths are well versed in the science and art of using only natural therapies such as herbs, nutrients, life style changes, dietary changes and exercise to help their clients achieve this balance and let the body heal itself.

At Wholesome Natural Health Clinic, our naturopaths are all qualified and experienced, and can help you optimise your health or guide you on your journey of self-healing. We practise evidence-based natural medicine and perform a variety of functional testing to help determine what is the best course of therapy for you.

Eddie Clark

Osteopaths use gentle and effective techniques such as stretching, joint mobilisation, massage and manipulation to address significant biomechanical dysfunctions in your body. They are primary care practitioners trained to recognise and refer cases that require further diagnostic imaging, medical treatment or psychological or social intervention.

Osteopaths are university trained, government registered, allied health professionals. Currently an osteopath undertakes a 5-year, University Masters degree to achieve registration in Australia. You do not need a referral to make an appointment.

Osteopathy considers the whole person, and in doing so may consider the impact of a diverse range of influences on your problems, including:
  • Occupation
  • Diet
  • Stress
  • Coping methods and strategies
  • Fitness and exercise levels
  • Previous medical history
  • Social and family influence

Is treatment covered by my Health Fund?

That depends on the type of cover you have with your provider. Most health funds have plans that include osteopathy and many different alternative therapies as part of their "Extras" cover. You should ring your fund to confirm what level of cover they provide you, how much your rebate is each visit and what your annual limit is.

Your health fund may participate in the HiCaps scheme (most major funds do) - if so, you can make your claim "on-the-spot" with us.

Appointments are required. Call today on 02 9211 1171.

Massage & Organic Skincare


Tired? Stressed? Muscular aches & pains?

Why not treat yourself to a relaxing massage with our experienced remedial massage therapist Kyoko?

During your session under Kyoko's expert soothing hands, you will also experience fragrant aromatherapy and the ancient eastern art of reflexology. After your relaxing therapeutic massage, Kyoko (who is also a medical herbalist & nutritionist) will also advise you on what you can do diet & supplement wise to keep your body in tip top condition!

Organic Skincare

Evohe Signature Isis Full Body Treatment

Valued at $240, the Evohe Isis Full Body Treatment is the ultimate 120 min full body Evohe experience which cleanses on every level. Beginning with a foot bath, palate cleanse and aura cleanse, the body is then polished, buffed and oiled, the hands and feet are encased in bamboo mitts while you enjoy the Evohe facial. This very nurturing and nourishing experience is completed with the layering of essence and skin care advice. Divine!

Wholesome Health Clinic is the only wellness facility in Sydney that offers this amazing full body treatment. Our Evohe qualified natural beauty consultant, Kyoko, is also a herbalist, aromatherapist, reflexologist and massage therapist! Book in today for this amazing pampering experience! Gift vouchers are available.

Weleda Birch Anti-Cellulite Detox Massage

Weleda is one of the world's most trusted organic skincare brands from Germany with 90 years of history. Their Birch range is renowned for its therapeutic detoxifying properties and has been used extensively for treating cellulite.

Experience our unique Weleda Birch Anti-Cellulite Detox Massage by our experienced natural beauty consultant, Kyoko. During your 60 min session, you will first be treated to a detoxifying Weleda Birch Juice drink whilst you have your detoxifying footbath & foot scrub. This is followed by a 45 min anti-cellulite detox massage targeting your problem areas using Weleda's signature Birch Cellulite Oil. At the end of your session, Kyoko will give you individualised recommendations about what you can do nutritionally to assist your body's detoxification process and to minimise cellulite.

Valued at $150, this is a great treatment for resistant cellulite. Gift vouchers are available.

Weleda Organic Facial

Experience our unique Weleda Facial by our experienced natural beauty consultant, Kyoko. During your 30 min session, you will first have a skin assessment to see which Weleda skincare range products best suit your skin. You are then treated to a pampering Weleda facial whilst you relax and enjoy the beautiful scents of aromatherapy and soothing music. At the end of your session, Kyoko will give you individualised recommendations about what you can do nutritionally to for better skin.

Valued at $80, this facial guarantees to put a healthy, beautiful glow on your face! Gift vouchers are available.

Kyoko practices @ Wholesome on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays by appointment only. Call 9211 1171 for bookings. Health fund rebates may apply.

Functional Testing
We offer the following functional testing services:
  • body composition & cellular health analysis
  • live blood screening
  • iridology health screening
  • food intolerance testing
  • hair mineral analysis
  • zinc status
  • vitamin C status
  • gut dysbiosis testing
  • blood typing
  • spot blood & urine glucose testing
  • stress & mood assessment
  • comprehensive nutritional assessment

Corporate Wellness
Does your company have a health and lifestyle program for employees? Would you like to see your team get healthier? Better staff health means happier staff, less sick days and better work performance.

We are happy to partner with companies and organisations to develop health and lifestyle programs for their staff.

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