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willowgum Natural Therapies

Caroline Hayward

Woolgoolga NSW 2456

willowgum Natural Therapies

I commit my services to helping others as there is potential for relief and healing of even the most chronic conditions. 

willowgum Natural Therapies - Naturopathy & Homoeopathy



“Like Cures Like” is at the core of Homoeopathy. A substance that produces symptoms in a healthy individual is specially prepared and given for those unique symptoms showing in a person who is sick. Homoeopathy is utilised across the world as a holistic and gentle form of alternative medicine effectively treating both chronic and acute illness. Suitable for people suffering from all kinds of conditions and can be used on anyone of any age. Homoeopathic medicine is safe for babies, non-toxic, and will not interfere with any regular western medicine.



Environmental influences, lifestyle, nutrition, diet, massage therapy, and detoxification are integral to the holistic Naturopathic approach in supporting the healing process. Discussing your digestion, sleeping patterns, habitual behaviour, recent injury, stress-related issues, mobility, emotional issues, and muscular-skeletal issues etc. are part of the therapeutic or preventative strategy and assessment of a Naturopathic consultation. Herbal Medicine, Remedial Massage, Bach Flower Essences, dietary changes and supplements may be recommended for individual’s needs.

For more information about Homoeopathy & Naturopathy, view my website, send me an email or give me a call

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