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Yan Acupuncture Clinic

Yan Acupuncture Clinic

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Treat what ails you the natural way, when you organise your next Acupuncture treatment with Dr. Yan here at Yan Acupuncture Clinic. Health Fund Rebates available

Yan Acupuncture Clinic - Acupuncture

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SUBIACO, Western Australia

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Menstruation Diarrhoea Sinus Stress Management Drug addiction Postnatal support

What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture literally means 'needle piercing' and involves the practice of inserting very fine needles into the skin to stimulate specific anatomic points in the body (called acupoints). These acupoints are then stimulated to correct imbalance in the movement of Qi in the body and to restore health and vitality.

Can Acupuncture Work For Me?

Acupuncture is a widely accepted form of treatment by orthodox and non-orthodox health practitioners. It has been recognised and endorsed by the World Health Organisation as a valid and useful treatment for over 100 conditions. Gentle enough to be used on people of all ages, why not give us a call today or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button to organise your next acupuncture appointment.

Ring 08 9381 3812 to organise your next appointment

How Does It Work?

During an acupuncture treatment, very fine needles are inserted from just below the skin to varying depths. As these needles are so fine pain is not usually experienced, however different sensations may be felt with the most common including a slight burning or stinging sensation.

Along with the usual method of puncturing the skin with the fine needles, therapists also use heat, pressure, friction, suction, or impulses of electromagnetic energy to stimulate the points (such as Cupping Therapy, Fine Infrared Therapy, Electrical Stimulating Therapy, Tui Na, and Moxibustion...). A typical session in Acupuncture will often include other complimentary therapies such as Herbal or Nutritional Medicine, perfect to support the rest of your healing process.

Who Can Benefit From an Acupuncture Treatment?

You don't have to be ill to benefit from Acupuncture, as many people use it as part of an overall program to help maintain their energy levels and optimal health. By taking a multi-disciplinary approach to your health care, you can be sure to maintain good health - even when you're not suffering from any ailments.

What To Expect During a Treatment

During the consultation, I will discuss your main health problem in detail and then ask other relevant questions about aspects of your health, to help build up a complete picture and to put your illness into holistic context.

After the discussion I will take your pulse and examine your tongue. Taking the pulse is Chinese Medicine differs enormously from Western medicine as it is an important pillar of diagnosis which helps give information about the state of your Qi and the status quo of your internal organs. A physical examination will be performed for any muscular-skeletal problems and it is common practice to palpate along acupuncture channels for a wide range of ailments.


How Many Appointments Do I Need?

On the whole, acute problems such as a recently strained back will only require a few treatments and problems of a more chronic nature require more treatment. In this case we suggest 1 or 2 appointments per week for the first few weeks in order to achieve the quickest response from your body. As your condition improves, treatment is reduced to 1 appointment per week or per fortnight.

After this treatment plan has finished you will need you need to get maintenance treatment once a month in order to build up the Qi energy again. The duration between treatments becomes longer until your condition is resolved and you no longer require treatment.

Still not sure if acupuncture is right for you? Looking to organise your next appointment? Then just give us a call or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button today to talk to one of our trained practitioners

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