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Karen Hogan

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Karen Hogan

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Templestowe, Melbourne, VIC

Focus areas

Hydration Chronic health issues Mineral balance Infections Stress management Nervous system


NATUROPATHY is a system of alternative medicine which facilitates and enhances the body’s own innate healing powers. It draws on several traditional forms of medicine that are both safe and effective to treat the body wholistically. Herbs, vitamins and minerals, healthy dietary protocols, detoxification programs, Homoeopathics and Flower essences can all be part of the naturopathic treatment.


HOMOEOPATHY is a naturopathic medicine that uses specially prepared diluted remedies. These remedies can contain single constituent substances or a highly complex mixture of ingredients. These medicines/remedies are believed to heal certain symptoms in a sick person and can also induce the same symptoms in a healthy person. In Homoeopathy this is known as the "Law of Similars - what a substance can cause it can cure"

Functional Medicine

FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE traces the reasons for Disease in Energetic Regulatory disturbances of the whole body, which appear as so called Functional Disturbances. These Functional disturbances appear when the body can no longer compensate; they are usually the beginning of a pathogenic process, which can then manifest in recognisable disease.
Allopathic (Orthodox) Medicine sees the reasons for diesease mainly in pathological changes of the morphology of organs and tissues.
It has been shown that more than 70% of patients with obvious symptoms, consulting a clinic, suffer from so called Functional disturbances; very often there is no morphological diagnosis possible.

Dark Field Live Blood Microscopy

Dark Field Live Blood Microscopy combines the best of all available information on Dark Field Live Blood Microscopy and assists in assessing and improving your health status. It is based on Medical Haematology, Microbiology, Human Physiology and Biochemistry. It requires just a single drop of (living) blood magnified on a TV screen that is connected to a special high powered microscope. This is a quick and effective way to observe changes in live blood that reflect a movement away from Ideal Health as well as being able to observe changes that reflect Health Improvements.
We have the latest top of the range equipment in the world for Dark Field Live Blood Microscopy which is also capable of doing phase contrast for even more detail.


IRIDOLOGY is a type of Naturopathic diagnosis that is non-invasive and examines the iris (coloured section of the eye), the sclera (white of the eye) and pupil to obtain information about an individual’s health. Iridology maintains that the iris can indicate organ function; whether it is underactive, overactive, inflamed or stressed. The iris is a richly innervated, extremely complex part of human anatomy. The optic nerves are attached to the eyes and they receive visual information that is sent to the brain. Simultaneously there is information sent back to the iris from the brain regarding the state of the organs and tissues of the body. So the iris has a close association to all organs in the body via the nervous system. For a detailed iridology examination a digital photograph of the iris can be taken, transferred onto a computer screen and enlarged.


For decades Practitioners in virtually all Holistic Health Care Disciplines have relied on this successful and reliable test method, which is a combination of thousands of years-old Chinese healing and the most modern Western technology.
The Vegatest Expert used in our clinic has been developed in Germany from the over 30 year old VEGA Resonance Test (VRT) or VEGATEST method for short, which in turn was developed from even older methods such as Bio Feedback Diagnosis (BFD), which was in turn developed from Electro Acupuncture testing by Dr. Voll (EAV).

The VEGATEST method revolutionarised Electro Dermal Testing as it allowed the operator to find quickly (and generally pain free), the organism’s response to the appropriate test information through the use of a single skin measurement point, with reproducible measurement results.
The VEGATEST also uniquely allows the use of ‘filtering’ which allows us to find the relationship between two or more test substances, which is useful in determining links between cause and effect.

VEGATESTING complements conventional medical diagnosis with ‘cause’ information analysis using holistic recordings of the bioenergetics function status of the human body, its organs and organ systems under normal conditions. The latter option enables a sustainable fine matching of therapies and in particular therapy support using System Information Therapy (SI Cards).

Bio Resonace Therapy

BIO-RESONANCE means starting communication with life. Life means continuous change. If the organism has lost the ability to regulate itself, this usually leads to chronic illnesses, acute infections or pain. With bio-resonance you can intervene in regulation therapeutically to push it in the
right direction.

The new generation Vega Select Bio Resonance Device temporarily stores the vibration signals from the patient in the device and blends this with information stored in the Internal Frequency System (IFS) of the device and transmit these healing vibrations to the patient by means of Fine Material Therapy, Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy (works deeper and stronger) for specific areas or via the specially developed Therapy Mat for the complete body.

RBTI Bio-Chemical Analysis

RBTI ANALYSIS is a biochemical assay of the urine and saliva 2 hours after eating a meal. RBTI measures the constituents and residues in a sample of urine and saliva to determine an individual’s state of health and shows the precise diet required to return that person to optimal well-being. It provides vital information on digestion, how the body is metabolizing carbohydrates, whether our cells are receiving enough oxygen, how energy is regulated, protein digestion, the state of hydration in the body, possible cardiovascular stresses, potassium and mineral balance and much more.

Professional Membership

  • ATMS - Australian Traditional Medicine Society

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