Best Natural Fertility Specialists in Templestowe VIC

Karen Hogan

Karen Hogan

Templestowe, VIC, 3106

Member since 2010

Feeling unwell, rundown, in pain or need support?

Nervous system Movement Hydration Mineral balance Energy Energetics Stress management Detoxification Functional medicine Chronic health issues

Dr. Rene Fontyne

Acupuncture Services

Templestowe, VIC, 3106

Member since 2012

Dr. Rene Fontyne (CM, ND, HD, MH, RT)  Help Treat & Prevent Illness: Experience a highly effective acupuncture technique that is virtually pain-free

Energy Well-being Heartburn Restoring balance Cold laser therapy Arthritis Migraine Bursitis Pregnancy support Lactation

Melbourne Naturopathy

Women's Health

Templestowe, VIC, 3106

Member since 2005

Many natural medicines available to help restore these hormone imbalances

Hormonal imbalance Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) Endometriosis Pregnancy support Acne Weight management Detoxification Digestive health Digestive system Type 1 diabetes

Serah Ong

About Us

Templestowe Lower, VIC, 3107

Member since 2012

Sensoma Holistic Healing is a private holistic healing practice with a special interest in women's pre and postnatal health. Bring your life into balanceFor 10% off your first appointment mention NTPages when booking

Essential oils Phobias Holistic healing Vitality Spiritual growth Physical health Aura-Soma Insomnia Movement Holistic practitioner

Catherine Farchione

Longevity Chinese Medicine

Lower Plenty, VIC, 3093

Member since 2007

ACUPUNCTURE, MUSCULAR PAIN, PREGNANCY.Catherine has a particular interest in working with patients with fertility issues, pregnancy, sports injuries and digestive disorders. Book today to discover the benefits of Chinese Medicine for yourself.

Business Manipulation Health issues Health goals Stress management Paediatrics Trauma Muscular pain Period pain Energy

Michele Lee Hansen

Sanctuary of the Heart - Michele Lee Hansen

Doncaster, 3108

Member since 2005

Your body is a unique map, which has been shaped by experiences, fears, habits, beliefs and genetic references.  Through using our holistic understanding and expertise, we help you to read this map of your body and gain valuable insights which will...

Tiredness Anxiety Depression Telehealth Private health Well-being Menopause Learning difficulties Energy Health issues

Heidi Yuen

Always Healthy and Happy - Lifestyle & Nutrition

Doncaster, VIC, 3108

Member since 2015

Health and happiness are not meant to be complicated. We strive to provide you with the holistic advice and show you the simple ways to return to the things you love.

Complementary medicine Chinese herbal medicine Movement Love Candida Wellness Happiness Complementary Energy Lifestyle

Angela McTaggart

Brunswick Naturopathy

Doncaster, VIC, 3108

Member since 2016

Brunswick Naturopathy provides professional, customised and safe health care with the best possible patient support, allowing clients to reach optimal levels of health naturally.

Weight management Optimal health Well-being Fatigue Energy Wellness Natural medicine Chronic skin conditions Menopause Allergies

Brunswick Holistic Health

Brunswick Holistic Health - Naturopathy, Homoeopathy & Herbal Medicine

Eltham, VIC, 3095

Member since 2007

We have a team of qualified and experienced naturopaths who can help you to achieve your health goals.

Insomnia Private health Manual lymphatic drainage Overwhelm Skin care Chronic health issues Empath Far infrared Massage therapy Lifestyle

Catherine Kato

Traditional Japanese Acupuncture & Classical Chinese 5-Elements Acupuncture

Eltham, VIC, 3095

Member since 2009

Catherine Kato practices a combination of Traditional Japanese and Classical 5 Elements Acupuncture and has more than 20 years' experience both here and in Japan. If you are looking for a gentle yet effective therapy that treats the mind body and spirit, call Catherine on 0413 325 747 - available in Eltham.

Fertility issues Headaches Well-being Neck tension Sleep disorders Energy Lower back pain Anxiety Family health Depression

Claudia Calello

Claudia Calello - Naturopath & Homeopath

Rosanna, VIC, 3084

Member since 2007

Claudia has a special interest in women's health, pregnancy, children's health, digestive issues and mental health - over 14...

Reading Optimal health Autism Food sensitivities Arthritis Candida Stress management Menopause Constipation Grief

Aspromonte, Gabriele & Fiona

Rosanna Traditional Chinese Medical Centre - Services


Member since 2010

We look forward to providing you with the best care possible! Click Here to Book Online via our Website

Eczema Fibromyalgia Digestive health Stress management Manual lymphatic drainage Back pain Business Head massage Gua sha Infertility



Warrandyte, VIC, 3113

Member since 2011

Karen Chipperton has 30 years experience caring for women and their families.

Love High cholesterol Colic Pregnancy support Ear infection Immunity Health issues Headaches Nurturing Eczema

Louise Scheelings

Louise Scheelings Naturopath & Counsellor

Balwyn North, VIC, 3104

Member since 2013

Louise offers a specialised program for preconception health care with a view to achieving a natural, healthy conception.

Natural health Stress management Emotions Weight management Feeling stuck Adults Happiness Depression Libido Motivation

Melbourne Wellness

Melbourne Wellness - Services

Blackburn, VIC, 3130

Member since 2007

Are you dealing with poor health conditions, affecting the quality of your life?  We can help you overcome these conditions...

Supplements Fears Vitamins Well-being Weight management Manual lymphatic drainage Stress management Nervous system Infertility Sinus

Christine M Long

About us

Mitcham, VIC, 3132

Member since 2005

Christine has been empowering clients for nearly 3 decades to elevate themselves and their life to where they desire to be. She has the uncanny ability to access an advanced facilitation style that ensures you attain and maintain the results you're after. Breakthroughs are common in your first session.

Anxiety Fears Adolescents Back pain Hormonal imbalance Infertility Mental health Depression Mediation Panic attacks

Glenda Johnson

Your Wellness Centre

Ringwood, VIC, 3134

Member since 2006

Our Fertility Centre offers natural solutions for you to find optimal fertility.

Heavy metal toxicity Nervous system Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) Chronic pain Sports performance Thyroid problems Asthma Health issues Acne Intolerance

Modern Chinese Medicine Clinic

Ringwood Modern Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Clinic - Infertility Treatment

Ringwood, VIC, 3134

Member since 2013

The medical definition of infertility is the failure to conceive following twelve months of unprotected intercourse. Global estimates...

Chronic health issues Prolapse General health maintenance Adenomyosis Chinese herbal medicine Supervision Coordination Prostatectomy Irregular periods Disease prevention

Dr. Sea young (Chloe) Lee(TCM

About Surrey Hills Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Surrey Hills, VIC, 3127

Member since 2014

If you’re looking for Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Surrey Hills area, our clinic provides Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in a peaceful environment. 

Circulation Private health Chinese herbal medicine Natural health Lifestyle Joy Pregnancy support Energy Well-being

Lin Dong

Holistic Chinese Medicine Centre

Bundoora, VIC, 3083

Member since 2005

What is the biggest benefit patients get when using my service? Health, Health is priceless. Master of Chinese Medicine, University...

Acne Eczema Chronic skin conditions Psoriasis Infertility Chinese herbal medicine

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