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Yoga for Birth and Beyond

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Learn supportive movements, breathing & other mindfulness techniques that will prepare you for a positive childbirth experience.

Prenatal Yoga & Active Birth, Mums & Bubs Yoga Classes & Active Birth Workshops

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South Canberra, Woden, Pearce, Weston

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Nurturing Tight muscles Love Childbirth Aches & pains Stress management

Yoga Classes for Pregnant Women and New Mums

Yoga for Birth and Beyond in Pearce ACT offers prenatal and postnatal yoga classes to prepare pregnant women for labour and motherhood.

We hold face-to-face classes and live-stream them for your convenience. Whether you’re an expectant mum or have just given birth, you will surely benefit from our empowering classes.

Prenatal Yoga Classes (Live-Streamed and Face to Face)

Focused at providing active birth education, yoga and labour skills, these classes aim to equip you with confidence and positivity for labour and childbirth.

Each yoga class covers lessons on pain management with movement, visualisation, sound, mindfulness, mental focus, breath and so much more. Aside from learning all these, you’ll be able to meet new friends in a nurturing environment and gain free access to a significant amount of resources.

Class Requirements:
  • Make payment at the time of booking.
  • Complete enrolment form to receive a link to our Zoom classes or information regarding location of classes.
  • Kindly contact Julia if you’re struggling financially due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Hygiene and safety protocols for face-to-face classes will be strictly observed. We are only allowing a limited number of participants for the time being.

Schedule of Classes for 2020

Prenatal Yoga & Active Birth: Tuesdays - Term 3 (Face To Face)


We will hold our classes face to face once the COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted. Otherwise, we will be holding them online. You can access the recorded classes if you’ve missed any. Classes start at 6:30pm. Please be guided by the following schedule: 

21st July

28th July

4th August

11th August

18th August

25th August

1st September

8th September

15th September

22nd September

Prenatal Yoga & Active Birth: Wednesdays - Term 3 (Online)


We are proceeding with our online classes. Please note that all classes start at 6:30pm.

22nd July

29th July

5th August

12th August

19th August

26th August

2nd September

9th September

16th September

23rd September

Prenatal Yoga & Active Birth: Saturdays - Term 3 (Face To Face)


We have a total number of 10 classes from the last week of July to September. All of which will start at 10pm.

25th July

1st August

8th August

15th August

22nd August

29th August

5th September

12th September

19th September

26th September

Mums & Bubs Yoga Classes and Support Group

Attending these classes will help you regain your strength after childbirth. Here, we focus on retraining your core muscles, stretching and strengthening your body in a safe manner, and keeping you balanced and relaxed.

You will also be taken through various movements that will help you release tension resulting from feeding and carrying your baby. In addition to the exercises, you will be able to enjoy some me-time with your baby as you get to perform baby yoga and songs, as well as make friends with other mums.

Class Requirements:
  • Have your 6-week checkup after vaginal birth before attending class.
  • Obtain your 10 to 12 weeks clearance after delivering via Cesarean section before enrolling.
  • Have your physiotherapist check your abdomen for any separation of muscles (Diastasis Recti) and ensure that you’re performing pelvic floor exercises correctly.
  • If you are experiencing anxiety or depression, get in touch with the Post and Ante Natal Depression Support and Information Inc ACT organization PANDSI.

Schedule of 2020 Classes

Mums & Bubs Yoga: Tuesdays - Term 3 (Online)


We are holding 10 online classes from the months of July to September. All classes start at 11am.

21st July 

28th July

4th August

11th August

18th August

25th August

1st September

8th September

15th September

22nd September

Mums & Bubs Yoga: Thursdays - Term 3 (Face To Face)


Our face-to-face classes will be made available to you as soon as the COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted. If the restrictions remain, we will conduct classes online. All classes start at 10am.

23rd July 

30th July

6th August

13th August

20th August

27th August

3rd September

10th September

17th September

24th September

Active Birth Workshops

Preparing together for the arrival of their baby makes the whole labour and birthing experience memorable instead of terrifying for a couple.

Because of the health risks we face due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to comply with the safety measures the government has put in place to ensure our health as well as those of others.

One of the things that we had to adjust to was the limiting of the number of attendees in a face-to-face childbirth education class. However, the presence of their partner during labour is the best support a woman can get during labour.

Having said that, we are offering online workshops that will enable partners to prepare together for labour and childbirth. Scientific research has shown that providing a woman in labour with a serene environment filled with love and support regulates birth hormones, eliminates stress and produces positive birth outcomes.

The first session of our workshop will be held face to face then the second one can be live-streamed via Zoom.

What Lessons are Covered in the Workshop?
  • Tuning your mind to the present and what it means
  • Creating a relaxed, safe, supportive, peaceful and loving environment for labour
  • Driving positive flow of birth hormones and avoiding the cycle of fear, tension and pain.
  • Dealing with contractions and pain using acupressure, visualisations, massage, deep relaxation, mindfulness and other modalities.
  • Active Birth positions and movements that help ease labour
  • The importance of being well informed on different birth choices before the schedule of labour.
  • Natural pain remedies such as movement, warm and cold compress, rebozos (a Mexican scarf technique) and spiky balls
  • Breathing, mindfulness and relaxation techniques
  • How to provide the best support during childbirth
The workshop includes the following course materials:
  • Videos of massage techniques and acupressure
  • Video of Active Birth positions
  • Three mp3 tracks that contain Affirmations for Birth, Fear Release and Birth Hypnosis. These will prepare your subconscious mind for a positive experience.
  • A complete manual on birth education, plus bonus links to excellent websites for further reading
  • Outline of birth preferences to become fully informed about what’s available to you

Schedule of 2020 Workshops

Our Active Birth Workshops are delivered face to face and through an online platform. Please take note of our schedule below.  

June Active Birth Workshop


14th June, 10am (Face to Face)

June 21, 1pm (Live Stream)

July Active Birth Workshop


19th July, 10am – 1pm (Face to Face)

26th July, 10am – 1pm (Live Stream)

August Active Birth Workshop

16th August, 10am – 1pm (Face to Face)

23rd August, 10am – 1pm (Live Stream)

Book an appointment for your choice of class or workshop.