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Posture Pregnancy support Pelvic floor Digestive system Postnatal support Stress management

YOGALOGY teaches Hatha yoga in BRIGHTON & SEACLIFF.

Having relocated recently from Sydney where we used to teach in Maroubra, Malabar and Little Bay indoors and outdoors (beach classes). Hatha yoga promotes balance and harmony. They aid the circulatory, nervous, respiratory, hormonal, and digestive systems, and purify and detoxify the entire body. While the poses directly affect the body, when they are practiced in unison with the breath, they positively affect the mind. Yoga is a potent tool in counterbalancing the mental stress of everyday life, as it brings the mind into a state of calm.

Our Courses

General Open Level
Hatha yoga practice helps the body stay flexible, strong, balanced and healthy.
These classes are of a mixed level. You only need a little experience to start attending. The teacher will cater the class to suit the varying levels offering easier options for less experienced students, and more challenging options for regulars.

Kids Yoga 2-14 Years
Yoga especially for kids- to keep their bodies and imaginations as beautifully supple as it is throught their youth. We have different classes for different age groups...

Pregnancy Yoga
This is a safe, simple and natural method of preparing for childbirth, combining breathing and relaxation techniques with stretching, strengthening and balancing exercises...

Mums & Bubs Yoga
Having a young baby can be very tiring, so women in the postnatal period often return to yoga to improve their energy levels and vitality as well as relief of tension and stress. Another main focus is on abdominal, back and neck muscles as well as muscles on arms and legs. Another area of focus is on the pelvic floor muscles that need strenghtening particularly after giving birth naturally...

Corporate Classes
Classes specifically for the workplace are tailored to reduce stress and improve memory, focus and concentration as well as improve posture an relief of back pain...

Private Classes
We offer one-on-one yoga sessions that address specific needs, such as time, location, physical issues or privacy...

Seniors Yoga
Yoga designed for mature bodies focuses on stretching, co-ordination, deep breathing and relaxation techniques to help practicioners remain healthy, flexible and active..

Yoga for Special Groups or Individuals
If you have a special group or interest, contact us for our tailored special-interest yoga groups. We address particular ailments or conditions. These may include recovering from surgery or illness. Since these programs are tailored to the individual, they involve one-on-one consultations with a practitioner or classes in a small group...

Yoga in German - German and Yoga
'Entspannen' & 'tief atmen'; relax and breathe deeply ... welcome to Yoga in German! Learn German while relaxing with a casual Hatha yoga class taught by Hedwig - a qualified yoga instructor & native German language teacher. This course takes you through all the major families of postures, includes breath awareness, as well as guided relaxation ... all in German (with English where needed)! Suitable for beginners to the advanced.

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