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Yoga Wisdom

Kym McDonald

16 York St
Teralba NSW 2284

Yoga Wisdom

New for 2017 – we are now running 6 week beginner yoga courses, for all levels of fitness and abilities with 8 weekly classes to choose from. Try yoga and experience first hand to experience the many benefits yoga can offer. For more information and to reserve your place, visiting our dedicated booking site.

Yoga Wisdom - Yoga Classes

Here at Yogic Wisdom we instruct Hatha/Classical, therapeutic style of yoga, concentrating on the entire individual not just the physical body. All classes include; Pranayama (breath), Asana (movement) and Meditation (mind/focus) in alignment with the traditional and authentic essence of Yoga and Krishnamacharya’s teachings.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (classical yoga text) places a large degree of emphasis that an array of aspects in human life, including our direct relationship with others, our health, our behaviour, our meditation, our breathing, are all integral aspects of the path of Yoga.

At Yogic Wisdom you are the sole focus, all of our postures can be altered and modified to meet your needs and to ensure “wisdom is at work” for self-harmony of breath, mind and body.

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