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Your Food Matters

Jenny Johnston

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Your Food Matters
You are what you eat,

So why does food matter?

About Your Food Matters

Welcome to Your Food Matters

Food is extremely important because every single heart cell, skin cell, brain cell, muscle cell, in fact every single cell that makes up your body is made from the food that you consume! This is why quality is super important!

So that being said, what are you made of…?

Good health is a lot more than just not being sick, it is vibrant wellness. How well your body functions largely comes down to what you put inside it.

You cannot modify your genes (and why should you, they are what makes you unique) and we all have inherited weaknesses and strengths, but which genes are expressed, turned off or on, and what occurs to us, largely depends on how we interact with the environment.

At Your food matters we incorporate the most professional and evidence based scientific research, with traditional and proven nutritional therapies to discover the best healing combination for your unique needs.

About Jenny

I love food! Food is awesome, food is love!

“Food can be the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or on the other hand it can be the slowest form of poison”.

Food should be eaten to make you feel good, and fill you with vitality and energy, if it food is not doing this then something is wrong, something is out of balance.

I completely believe that food should be celebrated and enjoyed.  You should be able to have your cake and eat it too! Sometimes you just need to get real and do a little bit of work first!

I have a large amount of experience with food myself and have suffered from issues surrounding my own diet.

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