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You The Conqueror provides a range of Coaching programs designed to help businesses thrive and grow

You The Conqueror - Corporate & Business Coaching

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Would you like to achieve any of the following in your business?

    • communication in the workplace


    • staff profiling


    • run successful meetings


    • build rapport and gain respect


    • conflict resolution


    • emotional intelligence


    • goal setting


    • repair and revive


    • next level growth 


If you answered yes, then You the Conqueror can help.

These are some of our business packages – call to hear what else we can offer you and your staff to help you attain your goals.


You the Conqueror can help you get your business back on track.  If you’d like to sell more and spend less but can’t see how, engaging a specialised Business Coach who is removed from the emotional aspects of your problem will help you make the necessary changes.  You will rediscover the enthusiasm that attracted you to your business in the first place and your business will be on the path to revival immediately.


Are you stuck in a “Zone of Comfort” with your dependable and solid business at a crossroads? Yet you feel something is missing, comfort is safe, but you want a challenge and you know that your business has greater potential.

If you’d like someone to help you to ascertain the path to take, or need help to take the first step, You the Conqueror will help you to make the right choices and work with you as you implement a set plan of growth, so that you can achieve your desired goals.


A 2008 Medicare study showed that work-related stress and conflict costs Australian businesses more than $10 billion per year.

How many opportunities have you missed because you or your staff are not “present”, or worse are absent from work?

How much time do you spend working through staff disagreements?

Emotional workplace problems are on the rise - negativity is contagious and once it begins, it is hard to shift.

You the Conqueror is able to help your team to:

    • Build strong relationships


    • Discover workplace problems and negotiate solutions


    • Turn a toxic environment into one with vision, respect and empowerment


For more information about how You the Conqueror can help you take your business to the next level, call, visit the website or click on one of the buttons below to message us.


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