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Suzanne Davies

Zen Thyme Healing

Grange SA 5022

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Zen Thyme Healing provides treatment services that will help you to learn and cure therapeutic diseases by means of reiki and chakras.

Remote & Local Spiritual Healing, Reiki & Health Coaching

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Grange SA

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Fears Growth Sadness Anxiety Emotions Essential oils

Treatments Offered

Some of the key services are below – Suzie generally uses the same resources to support you in your overall recovery and growth:


Reiki is a method of regeneration that incorporates the concept of universal strength and life force. This force is found in all living things and can have both physical and mental effects if the cycle is interrupted.

The strategies of Suzie also include separate yet related modalities such as Seichim (higher vibration energy from Egypt).

Chakra Healing 

There are 12 principal chakras found in different parts of the central column - chakras are the body's main energy source.

The chakras refer to several different conditions in your body, which can negatively affect your attitude or well-being if an issue or a blocking of your chakras happens. Reiki's methods can often help with chakra regeneration.

Crystal Healing 

Crystal Healing is a soft, holistic healing approach that builds on the principle of energy systems and maintains harmony across the body. This method uses putting in or around the body of crystals, each with different characteristics. The crystals themselves communicate with your energy field, consuming, converting and diffusing your force. 

Suzie puts crystals in a manner unique to you, depending on your circumstances. The crystals can be put in a certain pattern or over the chakras. Clear satisfaction and enhanced well-being emotions can include performance.

Health Coaching 

Suzie delivers customised wellness coaching sessions, whether you are traumatised by divorce, disappointment, fear, suffering or recovering from a health problem, accident or other difficult circumstances.

Emotional Egyptian Cleanse

Ancient essential oil formulas preserved in hieroglyphs within the Temple of Isis in Egypt are the foundation of intense Egyptian purification. These receptions detailed an old cleansing recipe for the flesh and blood for the removal of what they have called "bad deities". 

Suzie deals with the Young Living Oils Collection and also markets a selection of essential oils. These powerful products are great for eliminating and maintaining emotional baggage. 

Distant Healing 

In the Reiki theory, we are not only our own selves, but also our own vibrational frequencies and rates, composed of several energy fields (physical body, feeling, emotion and spiritual centre).

When tapping into the energy fields, Suzie will give Reiki your various levels one by one, although you are not there.

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