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Sheng Zhong provides QiGong as a healing tool and to enhance meditation, healing and transformation. Come and experience the QiGong! (The best and fastest way to contact sheng Zhong is call 95716845 to leave the message. If you sent a message to Sheng Zhong by email and haven’t gotten answer in two days, please call above number to check it. Sometimes the email has not been checked in time, sometimes is this website error your email couldn’t be forwarded.)  

Zhi-Neng Energy Healing & Energy Massage - About Sheng Zhong

Servicing area

Carnegie, Victoria; Best & fastest call 95716845

Focus areas

Gong therapy Wellness Healing art Circulation Headaches Lower back pain

Sheng Zhong - Qigong Master

Sheng Zhong is a qualified medical Qigong therapist and Qigong teacher. He has more than 20 years experiences in this area. Since his miraculous recovery from aggressive leukemia with the help of Qigong practice in 1989 to 1990, he has devoted himself to Qigong study, practice and healing others. In 1994 he decided to go to China to have further Qigong study and training.

Sheng had studied and been trained at the famous and best-recognized Qigong centre, under the guidance of Dr. Pang He-ming, one of China’s most acclaimed professor’s in this field. After two years intensive professional Qigong study and training, in 1996 Sheng has awarded an advanced Qigong Certificate and a Government certificate of medical Qigong therapy as well. In 1998 Sheng was awarded Qigong Master’s title. He was invited to work as a Qigong teacher and therapist in the biggest Qigong health centre in China before he came back to Australia.

He has successfully help many people to overcome their health problems with Qigong therapy, and he wishes to serve the community more widely and share Qigong benefits with people.


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