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Crystal Light Bed Therapy

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Crystal Light Bed Healing in a non-invasive form of crystal colour healing carried out using seven quartz crystals, each cut to a specific frequency. Pulses of coloured light are shone through the crystals into the body’s seven chakras, with the aim of balancing and cleansing these subtle energy centres, clearing stagnation and raising the frequency of the etheric body.

When there is an imbalance in the energy field it can lead to a state of physical, emotional and spiritual unease. The frequency of the light and crystals combined is designed to enable the client’s guides and healers a clear path to support and assist on mental, spiritual and emotional levels. The light bed and specific frequency of the healing crystals are based on the theories of Marcel Vogel and the work of Brazilian medium healer, John of God.

People choose Crystal Light Bed Healing for many different reasons, including management of addictions, releasing deeply held emotional stagnation, or enhancing their consciousness. Others choose it as an entry point for their healing journey because it’s non-invasive and works to clear the light body, readying them for subsequent therapies.

Because Crystal Light Bed Healing is a subtle energy therapy, it’s not possible to make any claims of diseases being cured.

The following are some of the changes experienced by those who have had a session:

•    More energy
•    A feeling of peace and reduced stress
•    Enhanced spiritual awareness
•    Clarity with regard to their direction in life

Because each of us are unique, the experience had by each recipient of Crystal Light Bed Healing is also unique.

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