What is kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a form of holistic health which monitors how the muscles coordinate the body. It's based on the philosophy that our bodies have a feedback system that can be determined from muscle responses. Kinesiologists use a variety of techniques to determine the root causes of body imbalances. The ultimate goal of kinesiology is to support the body energetically and help an individual improve their long-term wellbeing. People go to kinesiologists to help with the below problems:

  • Allergies and food sensitivities
  • Bone and joint pain
  • Emotional issues
  • Fatigue and insomnia
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Nervous disorders
  • Stress

Some professional accreditation bodies that are available for kinesiologists based in Sydney that provide support, industry standards and updates include:

  • Australian Institute of Kinesiologists (AIK)
  • Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA)

Should you study kinesiology?

Do you want a career where you can guide others to achieve a balanced and tension-free lifestyle? If you answered yes, becoming a kinesiologist is the perfect career for you. The below attributes are integral for anyone wishing to pursue a career in kinesiology:

  • Strong listening skills in order to understand client symptoms, medical history, and desired results as well as being aware of any concerns they raise during the consultation.
  • Ability to think critically to pinpoint the problem and design rehabilitation programs accordingly.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills when going over proposed treatment plans with clients is beneficial in building trust through supporting them emotionally.

If you believe that you already possess these qualities to read on to learn more about how you can kickstart your journey as a kinesiologist today.

What are the course and study options for kinesiology in Sydney?

There are introductory workshops that will give you a holistic overview of kinesiology and can help you determine if kinesiology is the right pathway for you. However, to become an accredited kinesiologist, you must complete a Certificate IV in Kinesiology or a Diploma of Kinesiology since they are formally recognised qualifications by Australia's peak bodies for kinesiologists and gives you the ability to work in a clinical practice. These certification courses offer a range of options for those of you that are looking for flexibility to fit your studies around your commitments through their offering of both on-campus and online streams.

In these classes, you will delve into a range of topics like anatomy, body systems and applied physiology. Furthermore, kinesiology courses will also help improve your employability by teaching you about business administration, communicating with clients and administrating a clinical practice. The professional support you will receive throughout your education will set you up with the important foundations to succeed as a kinesiologist.

If you're all set out to chase your dream job, the Natural Therapy Pages is more than ready to ease the process for you by providing you a list of leading kinesiology schools in Sydney. You can contact them to learn more about their syllabus, study options and payment plans.

What happens after you complete your kinesiology course?

After completing a kinesiology course, you will be able to begin your professional career in the workplace. This will allow you to be eligible to join the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists. However, it is important that you continue to upskill yourself as a part of the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) training.

Kinesiologists can work in either private practice or within a multidisciplinary team. There is a range of different work settings like rehabilitation centres, occupational health departments and primary healthcare facilities. However, complementary health practitioners are constantly discovering new ways to use the principles of kinesiology in other sectors which opens up the doors of even more undiscovered opportunities in the future. However, if you dream about being self-employed, working in a private practice could be for you. This will give you full autonomy over the management of your practice and the clients that you take on board. If you decide to pursue this option, you will be able to have your kinesiology services listed on Natural Therapy Pages.

Finally, if you want to expand your knowledge in kinesiology or specialize in a specific field, a Graduate Diploma course will be a great long-term investment for your growth as a kinesiologist.