Kinesiology Courses

Kinesiology Courses (Australia)

College of Neuro-Training South West WA Campus

Do you enjoy helping people?Are you looking for a career with high job satisfaction where you feel like youre making a difference? To register your...

Ruth Romen - Touch for Health

Learn Touch for Health KINESIOLOGYNOW ENROLLING FOR SEMESTER 1, 2021   This is a face to face class

The College of Neuro-Training - Lilydale

We offer a comprehensive selection of Kinesiology and Neuro-Training study. Study face to face one or two weekends a month. The College of Neuro-Training...

Melbourne Kinesiology and Detox Centre

Balance the Jaw – Balance the Body.

By The Bay Kinesiology

EMOTIONS AND METAPHYSICAL KINESIOLOGY MODALITY- Accredited Kinesiology Courses- Practitioner Certification Training Program- Instructor Training Program- Become...

Sharron Rooney - PrimeTuning of Cellular Vibrations

In PrimeTuning we can clear emotions, pain, and long seated stress. We learn how to "talk to our cells" to create our health, wealth and wisdom by "identifying"...

FAQs About Kinesiology Courses

How do I become a kinesiologist?

To become a qualified kinesiologist in Australia, complete an accredited course which covers subjects in anatomy, exercise physiology, nutrition and different kinesiology techniques.

Is there Physics in kinesiology?

Yes, a course in kinesiology touches on physics. Physics complement anatomy as it explains the movement of the body in relation to its structure.

What is the salary for kinesiology?

A certified kinesiologist in Australia can earn anywhere from $75K to $106K per year. The actual figures for their salary will depend on the nature of what they do, the location of their work, and how well-versed they are.

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