Genome Healing Online

What is Genome Healing?

Genome healing is a neoteric treatment for impaired cells in the body using the consciousness. Created by Carol Robers, one of the pioneers of Thought Field Therapy in Australia, the Genome healing system allows a person to communicate with their cells in order to turn negative energy into positive and activate the body’s self-healing power

According to Carol, when there is conflict within the body, there is degeneration. But when there is love and harmony in the body, the cells regenerate and heal on their own.

Genome Healing Online in Australia

How Does it Work?

A practitioner of Genome healing guides the client in identifying the underlying causes of their symptoms, and in communicating with the conscious energy of the original cell in their body from which they originated. The process involves neither a discussion about the client’s trauma or health condition nor ways to manage their feelings.

It doesn’t relive the person’s painful past, but instead lets them look within themselves. After they have recognised their problem and decided to release it, only then will they be able to feel a sense of relief. 

What are the Benefits of Genome Healing?

Because the whole process works at a cellular level, it’s not only the pains or traumas of the client that are eliminated, but also those of their ancestors and future generations. Aside from releasing trauma, this therapeutic method also does the following:

  • Restores harmony in your body
  • Heals your DNA and body’s organs
  • Shifts negative energy
  • Revives vitality
  • Rewire the original cell in your body
  • Improve your overall health and wellbeing

Does Genome Healing Work Remotely?

Yes. The practitioner can work with you regardless of distance. Since the therapy utilises your own consciousness and cells, the practitioner will assist you in connecting with your inner body through your thoughts.

How Does Genome Healing Work Online?

While distance genome healing can work by phone, working with a practitioner through an online communication platform like Zoom proves to be more effective as it is devoid of any form of distraction. You are physically detached from everything around you, hence capable of focusing more on your inner body and spotting where the conflict is.

Genome healing may be considered a new healing modality in the realm of alternative medicine, but it gives you the ability to harness the power you were born with in order to achieve a bigger purpose in life.