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College for Educational and Clinical Art Therapy

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Online Certificate Course with a 5 Day Intensive on campus in a capital city of your choice at the end.

College for Educational and Clinical Art Therapy - Online Certificate Courses

Servicing area

All Australia

Online Certificate Course


Students typically complete the 10 modules of the online Certificate Course in 6-12 months of part-time study in their own time before attending the 5 Day Intensive on campus (face to face) in an Australian capital city of their choice. This is the recommended learning pathway for a comprehensive education, and it will allow you to work as an art therapist in Australia.

For those unable to attend the 5 Day Intensive, they can do the entire course online.

Once students have graduated, they are eligible to enrol into the Diploma Course. This supports a more rounded and in-depth education, especially if your aim is to work with the clinical population—often people whose relationships are seriously threatened and whose life has become so complicated that they feel the need to see an art therapist.


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Dates for 5 Day Intensives
The Certificate Course comprises of 10 online Modules + the 5-Day Intensive on Campus)

Intensives run from 9:00am to 4:00pm each day


  • 16-20 February 2022 (Perth)
  • 16-20 March 2022 (Sydney)
  • 11-15 June 2022 (Adelaide)
  • 10-14 September 2022 (Melbourne)
  • 12-16 October 2022 (Brisbane)


Course Content

Module 1
Foundations, Representational Images, Projective Drawings and the House-Tree-Person Task

Module 2
Histories, Positive Psychology and Strengths Based Art Therapy: Uncover Inner Resources

Module 3
Life Scripts and Schemata Therapy: Change Old Inner Messages

Module 4
Goals: Overcome Obstacles through Inner Messages

Module 5
Sculptures, Theories, Techniques and Systems of Counselling: Advance Communication Skills

Module 6
Mindfulness, Spiritual Growth and Abstract Art: Uncover Unconscious Material in the Here and Now

Module 7
Jungian Box: Become Authentic and Integrate Traumatic Experiences

Module 8
Neuroplasticity: Change Responses to Triggers through Creative Mind Ordering and the Insights from the Unconscious

Module 9
Integrate Arts and Psychodynamic Approaches

Module 10
Group Art Therapy and Mandalas


Course Fees

Certificate Course + 5-Day Intensive

Course Material: 10 Modules

On-campus Intensive: 5 Days

Cost - $4440

Certificate Course Only

Course Material: 10 Modules

Cost - $3300

Limited spots remaining. Enquire now to secure your spot. Click the Button Below ▼

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