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Diploma of Kinesiology (HLT52415)

The Diploma of Kinesiology (HLT52415) is a nationally recognized qualification that provides excellent professional, practical and technical skills on which to practice as a Kinesiologist.

The Diploma delivers the latest research and developments in the Kinesiology industry. It also covers all aspects of successfully running a Natural Therapies Practice including client care, student clinic and practice management. At the completion of this course you will be able to successfully start your own Kinesiology business.

This comprehensive course is structured into integrated modules and combines face-to-face training, case studies, self-paced study and self-paced computer based (online) training. The modules are assessed via in-course assessments (practical, oral & written), self study assignments and online written assessments.

Participating in the Diploma of Kinesiology has enhanced my life and given me the tools to make a number of profound and positive changes within myself and my life. It has allowed me to see a clear pathway to my future and has provided me with an opportunity to follow a career in a profession that is both personally and professionally rewarding. - LH

The Diploma of Neuro-Training

The Diploma of Neuro-Training is industry accredited with the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists (AIK).It is delivered within the Diploma of Kinesiology classes, this way students get two qualifications for the price of one.

We realise that a Diploma entry level is a big jump for students to commit to study, either time wise or financially. Its now become easier to obtain a Diploma of Neuro-Training as it offers smaller steps to achieving the final Diploma. As a result the College of Neuro-Training has separated the new Kinesiology and Neuro-Training Diplomas into smaller achievement certificates.

  • Activation Certificate (leads to)
  • Certificate of Recuperation (leads to)
  • Certificate of Solution Oriented Neuro-Training (leads to)
  • Diploma of Neuro-Training (with a Major of your choice leads to)
  • Diploma of Kinesiology (includes common units. First Aid external unit)

    Offered as one day classes or classes by the module (4 or 5 day classes), all of which are credited toward the Diploma hours.

    This way the student has the ability to earn as they learn (after completing the Certificate of Recuperation) in a campus Neuro-Training Recuperation clinic, while continuing to complete their Diplomas.

    How is the new Diploma structured?

    The College of Neuro-Trainings Diploma modules are structured as follows:
    • Activation Certificate
    • Art of Solution Oriented Neuro-Training
    • Blueprint One
    • Principles of Recuperation
    • Innate Intelligence
    • Integration
    • Client Care
    • Anatomy & Physiology
    • Nutrition
    • Practice Management
    • As well as 3 Major Electives from one of the 7 Major Options as follows:


Majoring in Human Excellence:

  • Elective: Blueprint Two
  • Elective:Blueprint Synopsis
  • Elective: Blueprint Three

Majoring in Recuperation

  • Elective: Context of Recuperation
  • Elective: Neuro-Frequencies
  • Elective: Pain

Majoring in Women's Wellness

  • Elective: Women's Wellness One and Two
  • Elective: Women's Wellness Three
  • Elective: Women's Wellness Four

Majoring in Behavioural Genetics

  • Elective: Face traits One and Two
  • Elective: Face Traits Three
  • Elective: Genetics One

Majoring in Resolving Stress & Trauma

  • Elective: Functional Neuro-Training One and Two
  • Elective: Emotional Defences and Patterns
  • Elective:Yin Yang One

Majoring in Universal Energies

  • Elective: Fears, Habits and Beliefs
  • Elective: Model of Universal Principals
  • Elective: The 9 Pillars

Majoring in Adaptive Neurology

  • Elective 1-3 : Your choice of any 3 of the above Electives from any Major Group

Note: Part of the requirement for the Diploma is completion of the unit Apply First Aid. This unit is not offered by the College of Neuro-Training, but is delivered and assessed through a number of national training organisation such as St Johns Ambulance and Red Cross.

Who is Kinesiology training for?

This training is for anyone who:

  • would like knowledge and skills for everyday use to improve their health and that of their friends and family
  • wants to have freedom from emotional, mental, physical and energy limitations
  • is interested in starting a new career in health and wellbeing
  • would like to add valuable skills to their current qualifications.

You can attend kinesiology training for your own personal benefit, to allow you to help your friends and family, or to start an exciting new career in natural therapies.

Benefits of Studying With Us

  • A national network of highly qualified Authorised Trainers who have considerable vocational experience and are passionate about Kinesiology & Neuro-Training
  • Small class sizes ensure personalised attention in a friendly relaxed and supportive environment
  • Training that is a mix of essential theory and practice with ample time for hands on application of your new skills
  • Many campuses offering flexible study schedules
  • Austudy approved for eligible students

College of Neuro-Training is now taking expressions of interest for the Diploma of Kinesiology & Diploma of Neuro-Training commencing in 2020/2021 at our South West WA campus.

To find out more about our flexible learning options to suit your lifestyle, enquire below.

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