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Simply Relaxation is a company dedicated to providing resources around stress-relief, stress-management, stress-prevention and of course everything that is related to relaxation and your well-being.

Simply Relaxation

Simply Relaxation is organised in several main categories:

1) Massage and Bodywork

Instant Stress-Relief Relaxation done on/for you

This is where you find information about treatments that help you to relax deeply, be nurtured, become whole again and heal from within. All you need to do is to choose your favourite treatment, pick up the phone and make a booking

2) Relaxation In Motion

Intermediate Stress-Management You learn about and practice methods that help you to relax when you need it

For those who like to have a variety of options and resources to help themselves. Become familiar with practices like Thai Yoga, Meditation, ChiBall, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Feldenkrais and many others in a class or group setting and use your favourite or the most appropriate methodology for the situation anywhere or any time you need to de-stress

3) Self-Leadership & Happiness

Long-term Stress-Prevention Workshops, seminars and trainings provide you with the strategies to prevent harmful stress levels

Prevention is better than cure. Finding out what triggers a stress response in you enables you to either avoid the situation or if thats not possible learn how to cope with it. Our De-Stress Programs are designed to support you in creating your very personal Anti-Stress-Lifestyle

4) Resources & Downloads

Change Facilitation Worksheets, planners, questionnaires,facts, etc.

Change takes commitment and forming new habits. It doesnt happen by chance, but by choice. Our tools will help to choose sustaining and beneficial rituals for the lifestyle that suits you best.

5) Inspiration & Empowerment

When Change is not necessary, but Motivation is.

You may already have made the necessary changes to be authentic and live your life of choice. However there are times when we all want reassurance that we are on the right path or we just need a reminder that lifes good.

As Zig Ziglar said:

People often say that motivation doesnt last. Well, neither does bathing thats why we recommend it daily.

Here are some inspirational thoughts, pictures, movies and other resources for self-motivation.

Massage & Bodywork

There is nothing more nurturing, soothing and relaxing as a massage.

Except its a traditional Thai massage!

The combination of acupressure along your energy lines, the stretching which lengthens your muscles and puts more space between your joints and the Yoga positions done on you is the ultimate recipe to loosen up sore or tense muscles and bring your mind to rest.

Traditional Thai Massage is more than just a massage. The firm touch helps you deeply connect with your body, the flow of the movements supports a meditative state and the sequence that is tailored to your specific needs initiates holistic healing from within.

Find out more about this amazing massage treatment and the related bodywork and enter a world of relaxation for body, mind & spirit.

Browse our treatment menu to find out more about Thai Massage, Thai Foot Massage & Reflexology, Indian/Thai Head Massage, the Head Over Heels combination, Thai Breaks, Thai Herbal treatments, Thai Massage for Infants, Tok Sen and much more.

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