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Allow your body to unwind and achieve a deep sense of relaxation through Remedial Massage and utilise the natural benefits of Essential Oils!

Aspire Wellbeing - Massage



Massage is the manipulation of soft tissue effecting the change in the surrounding tissue and structures.


Remedial Massage

Our bodies and posture are held in balance by the muscular system. For your body to stand upright there are numerous muscles throughout the body that are forever tightening and slackening to maintain the posture you desire. In the event that one or more muscles become overly tight or slack your posture will be realigned and your body will purposely put different muscles out of their usual place to adjust. If it is not dealt with, over a period of time it will become accepted by your body and you will begin to have permanent imbalance.

Massage therapy successfully is able to restore your body back to its correct and original position. If a joint is overly tight resulting in stiffness then it can be released, or alternatively it is too slack then it can be tightened.


Other Therapies

Aspire also offers other Massage & Healing Therapies:


    • Relaxation Massage
    • Sports Massage
    • Deep Tissue Massage
    • Myofascial Cupping
    • NST Neurostructural Integration Technique / Bowen Therapy
    • Reiki Healing
    • Crystals Healing


Essential Oils

Essential oils are growing in popularity as individuals acknowledge how they can positively affect their general wellbeing.

Essential oils originate from nature – they are plant matter (flowers, bark leaves, seeds…) that havw been removed from the plant. It is a pure essence that has been precisely steam distilled or cold pressed from the plant.

Essential Oils have been around for a many years and have been utilised for their emotional and spiritual properties and for cosmetic purposes.

Essential oils have a unique capability to stimulate the limbic system - which is the system where memories and emotions are kept. Essential oils can balance and support your emotional life.

There are a variety of uses for Essential Oils some include:


    • Balance your emotions and body
    • Add them to a bath
    • Use in a massage
    • For cleaning
    • For skin and hair care


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