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Book in a free "Break Through to Success" coaching session so that the coming new year will open your path to a Life of your Dreams.

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Book your free 'Break Through to Success' coaching session!

In this session:
1. We will pick an area that you would like to focus on and gain crystal clear clarity on what you want to achieve.
2. Discover the secret to why people fail and what are your mental barrier for success
3. We will work out a strategic plan to break though your mental barrier and set you on a path to success.
You will leave the session energized and motivated to take action and achieve your dreams.
The session will be conducted via skype/Facetime or on the phone.
This is a limited time offer for the new year. There are also limited spots available.

Book Now before this offer is removed!

The Powerful Benefits of Life Coaching?

How many times have you set a goal for yourself got excited about it started working towards it and after a week lost motivation and stopped?

Do you find it easier to achieve tasks and goals setup for you by someone else (e.g your manager, your teacher, your kids, your accountant etc…)?

Most people find it very hard to be self motivated about things they want to achieve for themselves. Also there are subconscious factors at play like fear of failure, lack of self confidence, not believing or doubting yourself, deeply ingrained habits that are difficult to break. It has been found that it takes 60 days to break a habit or acquire new a habit (not 30 as we used to think). But of course if you can use mind technology that addresses those habits on the subconscious level that time frame shortens significantly.

We are used to since being very young to do what we are told to do and what we have to do and put what we want at the end of our list of priorities which is important in many circumstances but can be self-defeating when we want to make our dreams and aspirations come true.

We as human beings can always improve and achieve more than what we have, our life experiences and results are limited by our subconscious beliefs. Our mind is a very powerful goal getting machine but it can also stop us and limit us if we don’t know how to tap into it and understand it.

A life coach can provide first of all clarity on what you want to achieve. Many times we get into overwhelm it seems too big or too hard and we can’t see the specific details required. A life coach can also help you come up with a plan and a strategy simplified into small achievable steps. Your life coach can also help you gain a different perspective on who you are and what are your limiting beliefs and programs that are stopping you from achieving what you want. By combining life coaching with Nero science and Hypnotherapy it is possible to also replace the limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs and install new habits and behaviours that will help you become the person that you need to be to fit into this dream that you would like to achieve.

A life coach can also provide the accountability that you get when you are working with an instructor or a mentor.


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