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Overcome Mental BarriersImprove Health and Well BeingOvercome Depression, Anxiety, ADD , Phobiasand Panic AttacksThe possibilities are endless turn your life around, take control and live a life full of confidence and joy!

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Online consultations Australia-wide, or in-person in North Ryde.

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Relaxation Self-esteem Motivation Purpose Joy Wellness

Lack of Focus and Study Difficulties (e.g. ADD)

ADD  is a huge problem that is affecting a very large precent of people. Its an issue that can greatly affect your ability to study, find a job or advance in life.

Most of the time the issue is treated with drugs and for some people those drugs lose effect over time.

I find that in many cases the issue is caused due to trauma in the past or accummulated negative emotions and low self esteem and confidence. Fear of failure or feeling like failure can also many times be the cause of the issue.

By using Hypnosis and other processes we can reduce significantly the negative emotions, reduce stress and discover and treat the root cause of the issue on the subconscious level. 

Of course if you are already working with a medical practitioner and using drugs we will advise and aim to work together with your doctor in relation to managing prescribed medication.

Stress Management and Emotional Issues

Stress, anxiety, anger, depression worry these are all very natural and appropriate responses that everyone experiences at one time or another. Unfortunately, for many reasons, people sometimes become overly stressed, anxious and depressed when it isnt appropriate, and this becomes a big issue which that you can manage or control. Which can have a significant impact on your life. No one wants to live like this. I have the specific skill set that can help you overcome the negative impacts of stress, anxiety and worry.

Complete Mind Therapy can help you to change this and develop much healthier and positive habits to help you gain back control of your life. I have seen clients of mine go from tense, stressed and constantly worried individuals to people who are open, happy, confident and fully in control of their lives and their emotions.

This could be you! So what are you waiting for? Don't let stress, anxiety or worry hold you down any longer. I can help you take control of your life!

Treatment for Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS)

Recently a clinical study was published in the UK of the effectiveness of hypnotherapy for the treatment of IBS. This research showed that the use of Hypnotherapy can improve greatly the well being of IBS sufferers. I underwent a special training provided by the Australian Hypnotherapy Association and GESA (Gastro Enterologist Society of Australia) and I can apply this knowledge for my clients.

Do not put up with IBS any longer. The effects of IBS can be crippling and significantly reduce your quality of life. Using my unique set of skills I can help you to overcome IBS. All my sessions and my focus is customised to meet your individual requirements. This is because I recognise that every individual is unique, and thus every treatment approach must therefore be unique.


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  • AHA - Australian Hypnotherapists Association

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