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Activate Hypnotherapy

Juanita Smith

Bondi NSW 2026

Servicing area: Bondi, Parramatta,Chatswood and Australia Wide

Activate Hypnotherapy

8-Week Weight Loss Transformation.

For emotional eaters & other people with various weight gain & eating disorders.

8-Week Weight Loss Transformation Program

  • Are you an emotional eater?
  • Do you experience an inner conflict when trying to lose weight?
  • Have you lost the same 10 kilos ten times?
  • Do you experience negative emotions as a result of your weight?
  • Are you sick of dieting or depriving yourself in order to lose weight?
  • Does your weight get you down?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then this program is for you! We often aren't aware but if you have tried to lose weight and not had success then there is only one real answer. That is to use the power of your unconscious mind! This holds the key to unlocking your dream body and keeping it.... forever! Inside your unconscious mind is stored all the things you link pleasure and pain to in your nervous system which controls every decision you make!

This Program Includes

  • Week One
    6-8 Hour Weight Loss Breakthrough Session (Broken up into three 2.5 hour sessions)
  • Week Six
    1.5 hour Coaching Session
  • Week Eight
    1.5 hour Final Coaching Session
  • This is done around the world via Skype or In-Person!
  • Unlimited and 24 hour phone support!
  • Access to the world's leading strategies to control & destroy cravings!
  • Recipes and food recommendations.
  • Exercise tips and routines.
  • Access to Ignites Accountability Program to track your progress and results!


We guarantee our results and offer a money-back refund if you follow the program 100% and still do not lose the weight we agree on!

We are passionate about only one thing and that is results!!

Warning: The techniques we use create positive permanent results!!

Book now. Start losing weight & be the best version of you.

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8-Week Weight Loss Transformation Program