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Sono Michetti B.Ac.

Currumbin Ecovillage
639 Currumbin Creek Rd
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Acupuncture East • Holistic Medicine

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Acupuncture East - Holistic Medicine - TCM

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine is an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) involving the use of plant part such as leaves, flowers, twigs, roots, barks, peels, fruits and fungus, as well as some mineral and animal substances. Prescribing Chinese herbs is a personalized process and requires an in-depth and detailed diagnosis, enabling me to prescribe a formula from single granulated herbs which is not only tailored to the dis-ease, but to your unique response to it. Chinese herbs are often prescribed in conjunction with Acupuncture, but is an effective treatment on its own. For certain conditions Chinese herbs in pill, tablet or capsule form are also available. Chinese Herbal Medicine may be helpful for:

• digestive disorders • insomnia • fatigue
• menstrual disorders • menopause • PMT
• fertility • IVF support • skin disorders
• labour induction • stress & anxiety • back pain
• asthma • colds & flus • low immunity
• cancer support • arthritis • headaches



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