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Akshaya Healing's aim to focus on nourishing your mind, body and soul through the modalities of bodywork, massage, healing, workshops, sound, retreats and music.

About Akshaya Healing

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Relaxation Head massage Joy Wellness Lifestyle Nurturing

Akshaya Healing begun in 2011 in the Byron Bay shire, with a dream to offer various healing modalities to accomplish a deeper journey into your world of nurturing.

Seriya is the founder of Akshaya Healing, and the main practitioner, but at times there are other highly qualified practitioners or facilitators joining the team.

"My ultimate goal is to help others on their healing journey, as I believe it all has a ripple effect on our greater community and planet. By giving in whichever modality my heart is called to share and by living a high vibration life, which is pure, peaceful and inspiring to others." - Seriya

About Seriya

I was exposed to the yogic lifestyle throughout my childhood, living with my parents in Ashrams throughout India, Australia and the US. My mother, Shachi, has been a strong influence in my life, as a healer and yogi she introduced me to Meditation, Yoga, Kirtan (chants) and Healing from a young age. Also growing up in Rosebank, the hinterlands of Byron Bay I had the space to appreciate and connect with nature.

The strong impressions left from this upbringing have been powerful in realizing my own intuitive relationship to myself, community and the divine.

My own journey led me to travel the world in search for understanding and inner peace. After being exposed to cultures throughout Asia, Middle East, Europe, North and Central America and my own emotional turbulence with life challenges, I have developed a stronger sense of self and always open to embracing more growth into my life. This combined with my heightened intuition and sensitive connection to my body, has led me to the path of healing. Working on a private yacht instigated my passion for massage. Completing my Sivananda yoga teacher training in The Bahamas ashram, re-inspired my dedication to a yogic lifestyle. A committed meditation practice revealed my psychic awareness and connection with the spirit world, to use for holistic healing.

After returning back to my homeland a few years ago and completing a diploma in Remedial Massage and my KaHuna Hawaiian Bodywork training, I am inspired daily to share these healing modalities with the world. My passion for devotional chanting has led me to receive more voice and harmonium training. Giving me the confidence to share this beautiful practice with the local community through holding weekly Kirtan's with my soul sister, Tanya. My journey through sound begun as a child, firstly with my parents as avid chanters within the yogic tradition which inspired my journey to use sound for healing. But then my mother was immersed in the Israeli music world, with her own studio and record label, I was then exposed to another form of devotional music which influences me deeply. I am now thriving off of singing and sharing how powerful this form of healing can be, to lift ourselves into a lighter and brighter place in our lives.

The beautiful sanctuary of The Crystal Castle in the hinterlands of Byron Bay is a place which has received a lot of my energy the past couple of years, either through yoga, kirtan, meditation, sound healing, aura readings or working with the crystals. These important aspects of my life are also now being integrated into my healing work. I have recently taken on the role developing new workshops for The Crystal Castle and training other women to facilitate these, and adopted the role of a key facilitator running four workshops a day.

Workshop and retreat facilitation is where my heart is, as I have finally found a niche where I can combine everything I do, under one umbrella. My past theatre experience and teaching career provided me with the skills to be comfortable in front of large groups of people. I have been focusing on running retreats and workshops mostly for women, on their healing path. Tanya and I, have also been running a beautiful regular retreat since 2012, "Nourish Your Soul Retreats" for women and hoping go expand this path together internationally!

Nevertheless, my insatiable desire to learn more about various healing modalities continues to expand. I understand the importance of these natural remedies within such changing times of shifting consciousness throughout the world.

My ultimate goal is to help in bringing healing to others, through whichever modality my heart is called to share, and by living a high vibration life, which is pure, peaceful and inspiring to others.

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