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Clinical Hypnotherapy allows you to break down your old habits & gives you a positive result towards the improvement you sought.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss, Quit Smoking & Virtual Gastric Banding

Advantages of Using Hypnosis

Weight Loss 

At Alaya Hypnosis, we collaborated with thousands of people who controlled their eating habits effectively and now lead a healthier life. We do not believe in a sleek diet or limit ourselves from eating food we love but instead, we want to change your mind when it comes to eating healthy. 

Your first appointment takes an hour and a half where we discuss the issues, your expectations and then a hypnotherapy session. Jennifer prepares a tailor-made plan after your initial visit to help you lose weight. We recognise that all bodies are different and therefore we approach each customer differently and establish a tailor-made plan for its intended purposes.

Through Hypnotherapy, Jennifer uses creativity to help you achieve the aim of weight loss. 

Stopping Smoking

The objective is to help you do so easily and painlessly. One of the key motives in Hypnosis was to educate on how to think more about surrendering. You will feel safer, and more motivated to realise that you have surpassed this tremendous challenge in your life. 

Virtual Gastric Banding 

Jennifer was one of Sheila Granger's first hypnotherapists to undergo personal training and started her immersive gastric band programme in Perth. In addition to collaborating with Sheila, she has worked with some of the top experts in the area and developed a curriculum customised specifically for your weight loss needs. 

The Virtual Gastric Band has the strength of hypnosis as a non-surgical technique that enables you to sustain yourself with small foods. It improves your way of thinking and produces very safe and consistent results. 

This is not a diet plan - it helps you to eat whatever you like, but it allows you to want smaller portions by making you change your mindset. Since it is not a diet, you won’t feel miserable or starving. 

The treatment eliminates the physical dimensions of the stomach and can lead to a similar result, but without the long delay of waiting lists. It is possible to undergo the Virtual Gastric Band quickly and privately and does not require cost-effective invasive procedure, complications, or constant medical therapy. 

Book an appointment and let us help you change your old habits.

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