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Robyn Cam

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'The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how not to need it'
- Hippocrates

Naturopath & Nutritionist

Utilising natural health modalities with scientific, evidence based practice our natural therapists engage with clients to ensure their health and lifestyle challenges can be safely and effectively managed utilising natural remedies and practical lifestyle programs.

Consultations are face-to-face or online and are always client-centred, meaning; the client's needs come first, this allows clients to make conscious, informed decisions on their healthcare and treatment strategies, this ensures clients understand, consent and are positively motivated about their treatment plans.
Part of our unique success is a non-judgment, total acceptance philosophy, acknowledging our clients intentions and goals then teaching them on how to balance their chosen lifestyle with natural health strategies to achieve greater wellness.
We work cooperatively with medical and allied health practitioners to ensure clients are properly cared for and we also maintain a large network medical and alternative practitioners we will refer or seek advice from.
We encourage clients to choose a consultation package so we can offer ongoing care programs, gain effective long term results and provide personalised service for our clients. Clients can contact us easily to check in on their progress, clarify details, easily amend their treatment strategies or address new challenges. Registered for Australian Private Health Insurance rebates.

Specialising in:

Athlete wellbeing, Utilising natural health modalities for;
  • Intense training programs,
  • Optimising the body for competition,
  • Body adaptation and conditioning
Women's Health
  • Supporting the female body, mind and spirit through life stage transitions and experiences
  • Puberty and the onset of menses, Woman hood and embracing femininity 
  • Pre-conception, fertility and child birth
  • Manage and regulate female hormone imbalances
  • Embracing feminine culture
  • Transition through Peri-menopause, menopause
Executives and artists health in high stress environments
  • Supporting highly committed and passionate individuals (and their families) manage intense careers and professional expectations while maintaining health and wellbeing utilising natural remedies
  • C-suite and executives health and wellbeing
  • Professionals engaged in remote locations, stressful, consuming work arrangements
  • Families engaged in extensive travel commitments
Individual dietary choices are accommodated; vegan, vegetarian, coeliac, diabetic, ketogenic, ethical, religious preferences, traditional and cultural preferences, e.g. Mediterranean diet, Okinawa Diet

Please book a 20 minute free discussion to discuss your wellness goals and how we may help you.
Online consultations available now.
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