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Belle Hogan

265-271 Chambers Flat Rd
Crestmead QLD 4132

Servicing area: Logan Area

Experience the total restoration & enhancement of your well-being through our Yoga sessions here at Alyssium.

Special Classes Of Yoga & Its Benefits

Yoga means taking the body, mind and soul to its highest level. This generates energy, endurance, cardiovascular health and also relaxes the intense nervous system. Yoga has been a part of my life for over 33 years, since 2006 in Australia and throughout London, Europe and the USA I began to teach adult yoga. I also specialise in children's meditation and yoga with experience with Gopala Yaffa from Rainbow Kids Yoga, and recently with Ana Davis of Bliss Baby Meditation from Byron Yoga Centre, I've made highly available instructions for pre and post-natal yoga.

Advantages at Alyssiums Yoga Studio

  • Peace - relaxing in a beautiful open space situated next to a natural creek with a Tesla's Heart Sender on board. The Heart Sender binds your heart and mind puts you in a steady state. Your thoughts and emotions are controlled and you feel inner peace. They call this “heart intelligence’ at Tesla's in which the feelings and emotions are balanced.
  • Love - simply loving everything about life. 
  • Joy - the biggest rule in life is to have fun and when we do it together it is always more enjoyable. Not only that, laughter helps boost the immune system, health, and the way we deal with stress. These are all incredible reasons for not taking life too seriously. 

Benefits of Yoga

  • Build awareness for transformation 
  • Increases your self-esteem 
  • Helps you sleep deeper
  • Lowers blood sugar 

Yoga Classes

(Adults Yoga, Kids Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga)

Energy Flow

This is a free, interactive class that strives to challenge and enhance the spirit. It typically has a different topic, set to some wonderful music, with a twist. 

Chill Out

This is your extension and recovery lesson, the “I have to chill and relax” class after an exhausting day. The course is designed to open and revitalise your energy while relaxing your physical body and calming your mind. 

Crystal Kids

It is a compromise between spontaneity and order, children who take part in schools learn to listen to each other and to express themselves. The integration of narratives, poems, games and poses creates a multi-sensory atmosphere in which kindergartens, animations and aural instruction are created and fun! Kids should appreciate and be respectful of their bodies, so that every pose feels good. 

Benefits of Children’s Yoga
  • Improves strength and flexibility 
  • Increases self-confidence and builds a positive self-image 
  • Helps us to stand more erect and feel taller by supporting a long and flexible spine 

Pregnancy Yoga (Pre and Post Natal Private Session)

Yoga was my salvation and healing during pregnancy. My body was improved on a thrilling intellectual, emotional, and spiritual path forward. Here at Alyssium we are not only going to inform you about empowered choices, we will also provide you with a forum for communicating and processing this critical era.

Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga 
  • Improves posture
  • Helps a woman to birth consciously and powerfully
  • Empower women
  • Increase strength, agility, and flexibility

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