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We are a family business, and we started researching Baltic Amber in 2010.

Amber Therapy

Focus areas

Inflammation Chronic skin conditions Anxiety Stress management Love Parasites

About Us

After dealing with behaviour problems with our son, someone recommended Baltic Amber. I had seen a sign at the front of a stall seeing "teething necklaces" so I went in to check it out. The lady said "You would not believe what they can help with"! So, I was willing to try anything, (a necklace was cheaper than a psychologist appointment) and I walked out with a necklace for one of my boys. Well, within 3 days, he was a different kid - and my husband and I looked at each other - thinking "it's like he has been tranquilised". He was so calm and grounded! With this, we decided to buy our whole family a necklace - we suffered from different things; anxiety, teething, sleep apnea, and stress. As we each grew to love our necklaces, we researched more and more into the natural healing benefits of Baltic Amber.

We now have a number of distributors, and we opened a shop in November 2015 as the demand of our range was increasing. We love to share our vast knowledge of Baltic Amber, educating and answering questions to those who are interested!

Due to our years of research, we believe we not only have great knowledge & experience with Baltic Amber, we give a personal touch to our pieces & gift packaging that make us unique from the rest!


Infant & Child Range

We have a range of Necklaces, bracelets & anklets for infants & children

  • Baltic Amber is worn for teething pain & inflammation

  • Hazelwood & Baltic Amber is worn for Skin conditions and reflux with the anti-inflammatory benefits of amber.

  • Semi-Precious & Baltic Amber -semi precious beads work more on energy levels, where as Baltic Amber is scientifically measurable. The combination of the two is both beneficial and stunning to look at!

Teens & Adult Range

Necklaces, Bracelets & Anklets for growing & Adults, Mums & Dads, even Grandparents!

  • Baltic Amber is known as a natural "anti-inflammatory" and is worn by and adults for calming, anxiety, stress, pain related issues such as neck and back pain as well as arthritis.

  • Hazelwood is know to regulate the pH level in the body and is in turn worn for reflux, gout and Migraines.

  • Semi-precious crystals are very popular and work with ones "energy levels", mixed with Baltic Amber, crystals add a splash of colour to your Amber Necklace, bracelet and anklet!

Natural Amber Tick & Flea Collars

Amber Therapy natural tick & flea adjustable pet collars TM

Exclusive to Amber Therapy, we are the proud owners of registered trademark #1612837

To ensure you are buying an authentic hand made Amber Therapy collar, look for our natural tags engraved with the words "Amber Therapy" strung onto the end of each collar. We currently engrave on two types of tags. One is a cylindrical hazelwood piece, and the other is rectangular shaped made from natural pine.

A natural alternative for your pet when it comes to protecting against Ticks & fleas. Our collars are worn by pets around the world!

  • Repels parasites

  • Settles skin conditions

  • Natural Pain relief

  • Anxiety

  • Natural Anti- inflammatory

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