Andrea Wardle - Naturopathic & Energy Medicine

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Andrèa is an experienced natural health practitioner who is passionate about taking people on a journey back to their energised, balanced and confident selves. 

Andrea Wardle - Naturopathic & Energy Medicine

Andrèa has had the pleasure of working in many areas of the natural health industry for the past 25 years. Her passion for working one-on-one with individuals to transform their health and wellbeing has seen her return to private practice where she’s formed a great referral network to ensure each client gets the right care at the right time by the right expert.

Andrèa’s passion for teaching clients to understand their body comes from her years lecturing in nutritional and naturopathic medicine. Her ability to take complex concepts and make them digestible empowers clients to understand and own their health and wellbeing. Her years in the research and development of natural health supplements ensures that she only prescribes the best-of-breed products from around the world to gain fast and effective results.

Andrèa blends evidence-based medicine with her passion for energy medicine to create achievable, success-orientated programs that ascertain the ‘why this as happened’ as much as ' 'how to fix it. Always working to the key naturopathic ethos, ‘prevention is better than cure’, Andrèa works diligently to ensure each client has the knowledge and power to get well and stay well.


Andrèa’s passionate about:

    • Balancing hormonal health – thyroid, cortisol, oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone, insulin
    • Stabilising energy levels – wake refreshed and remain energised for the whole day
    • Increasing resilience – say goodbye to stress, anxiety, low mood or panic
    • Optimising sleep quality and quantity
    • Creating a digestive system that takes in the good from your foods and gets rid of the waste without you feeling a thing
    • Finding and fixing the drivers of autoimmune conditions – RA, SLE, MS, Hashimoto’s, Graves
    • Increasing motivation and joy to embrace life and make the most of every day.


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Andrea Wardle - Naturopathic & Energy Medicine