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Angela Rojas

Angela Rojas

Strathmore VIC 3041

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I'm a ThetaHealing® Master & Certificate of Science Instructor. I have certifications of many healing modalities such as SDH - Self Directed Healing, Matrix Energetics, Access Consciousness - The Bars, Reiki, NLP, EFT and many more. I am a qualified and accredited Satyananda Yoga and Meditation Teacher and former Dr Joe Dispenza Corporate Trainer.

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Essendon, Melbourne, VIC

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Cancer management Depression Phobias Asthma Reading Business

Hi and welcome to my page! I'm an Inspirational Coach & Facilitator of change. This simply  means that I am inspired to see you change and I infuse that inspiration in you so you can step into your truest potential by clearing your limiting beliefs and fears.

I have certifications of many modalities such as;  ThetaHealing® Master & Certificate of Science Instructor, Magnetic Mind Coach,  Access Consciousness - The Bars, Self Directed Healing, Matrix Energetics, Reiki, NLP, Quantum Healing, EM and many more.  I am an accredited Satyananda Yoga and Meditation Teacher as well as a former Dr Joe Dispenza Corporate Trainer & Coach. 

I currently consult from Strathmore - Essendon, Melbourne Australia and online.

Throughout my Corporate career I have always kept up my interest in Healing, Coaching, Yoga & Meditation, using my knowledge in self development, Awareness and Emotional Intelligence to have success in my career.  

Since 1991 I have undertaken numerous courses, workshops and Meditation studies to understand the mind, people and in particular an interest in how our beliefs direct our lives.  I have also undergone intensive self-healing to identify why people do not heal and how they can heal.  

I have been privileged to participate in a number of conferences and symposiums featuring internationally renowned speakers and authors such as Deepak Chopra, Dr Joe Dispenza, Louise L Hay, Dr Wayne Dyer, Dr Brian L Weiss, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Anthony Robbins, Caroline Myss, Dr Richard Bartlett & Melissa Joy Jonsson, Eckhart Tolle and many more from the field of Science and Spirituality. 

Through my experience in this field I have been named the Quantum Healer & Coach as each session has a combination of healing, coaching and strategy.  I now train professionals in the field of Health & Wellbeing with my Signature Quantum processes for Practitioners & Facilitators in a one day course. 


I began my Path in 1990 in Metaphysics reading books from Stuart Wilde, Deepak Chopra & Louise Hay and over the years delved deeper into the 'Subconscious Mind' and the 'Brain' through my Yoga & Meditation training and especially the Dr Joe Dispenza Training.  I was very fortunate to work alongside Dr Joe for 6 years travelling the world, as part of his trainers team and learnt so much directly from Joe. My love and knowledge for the brain and neuroscience magnified in the presence of such an amazing teacher.

I love empowering clients and students in finding their beliefs that are affecting their success or growth and assisting them in making beneficial shifts in their lives. I continue to work on myself to integrate my learning's, to teach and assist others. I have also studied a number of Philosophy's to better understand their belief systems and I continue my studies through reading, additional course work and participating in seminars with renowned Authors of this field.

With years of personal development training, my focus with you is finding those beliefs and patterns that are keeping you stuck or looping the same experiences.  I specialise in teaching the work and one-on-one coaching sessions. I assist you in clearing threshold beliefs around your comfort zones to facilitate shifts in your career, business, personal development and/or health issues. My gift is listening to you and finding those beliefs & patterns in your story, then we do the work!


Once you are ready to step into your truest potential, contact me!! We can chat and see what process, coaching or session will best suit your needs.


Positive: Professionalism, Quality

I've known Angela for over 10 years personally and professionally. As she's constantly improving her skills, the depth of her sessions are so valuable. I had a needed healing session yesterday and it was very profound. I felt safe and supportive without being judged during the healing session. After the healing I've been feeling more whole, clear, light and empowered. Angela is a fantastic consultant and I would highly recommend her!  

~ Natalia Armstrong, Infinite Wellness 

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Angela just knows what to say, she listens intently and knows exactly what your limiting beliefs are and she can find the perfect belief replacement for your growth.  I am so lucky to have found a coach/healer who has a basket of tools for every circumstance you bring to her.  Angela is authentic and will move your world if you are ready for the shift. 

~ Cynthia Perri

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Spiritual Healing Theta Healing Energy Healing Access Bars
$150 Per session

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We're open 4 days.


10:00 am To 7:00 pm


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  • Intuitive Healer
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  • Spiritual Therapist

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