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Christina Hicks

Christina Hicks

Glenroy VIC 3046

Servicing area: Greater Melbourne

Christina Hicks

Transformational Energy/Body work with Christina Hicks

Energy Work

In a session I utilise modalities I have studied to give a session that that is in line with what your body and requires in that particular moment. Working with mindfulness, and focused intent.

This can range from “The Bars” which are 32 points on the head held lightly over a session focusing on you receiving on even deeper levels where the electromagnetic component of your ideas, thoughts, decision, attitudes, and beliefs are released. A few of the bars are Money, body, sexuality, awareness.

A session could include one or more Body processes, meditative techniques to quieten and still an overactive mind, reiki, that healing, flower essences, bars, kinesiology or angelic healing.

Each session is about accessing more support from within for deeper change a more harmonious existence and to clear the veils of illusion and separation.

For more information about Energy Healing, please call me or send me an email.

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Body Processes per session, or classes.