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Anna Hamilton Massage & Yoga

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Be Wild Be Beautiful & Heal the Whole Woman.

Anna Hamilton Massage & Yoga

About Me

Have you ever hated looking in the mirror, despised who is looking back at you, who dragged her feet out of bed every morning? Do you feel like you are going nowhere?

If yes, we have a lot in common. Because I used to be that woman.

It took me some time to come out of the hole that I was in and to remove the thought processes and habits that I had unconsciously picked up along the way. Nowadays, I live each and every day from the heart. Joy and love have become permanent, they don’t just come and go, I now dance with the fear, I don’t deny it. Still though after many years I still have a lot to learn.

It is my mission to help every woman to rebuild her healthy on all levels, not just physically. This will help them to create fulfilling lives that are worth being celebrated and ones that make you get out of bed happy and excited to face the day ahead.

It is my dream that women, no matter what age, will wake up every morning thinking...

“I am freaking amazing!”

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