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Annie Sorell

Annie Sorell

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Are you stressed, frustrated or dissatisfied?  I can help you improve your self confidence, find solutions and be deeply fulfilled, living a life you truly love.

Annie Sorell

Annie has over 16 years counselling and coaching experience.  She draws on her diversity of training and skills and her own life experience to bring wisdom and compassion to her transformational work. 

Annie strongly believes that it is possible to learn and grow from every experience and that there are always solutions.

In her work Annie helps you to clear away the blocks that are stopping you being happy.

Annie's help, teaching, support and kindness transformed tears and hopelessness into smiles and insight. 



She believes that each person’s life has a purpose and meaning. When we “get on track” we find doors opening that lead to happiness and fulfillment. 

Annie lives in Armidale NSW on a small acreage with her horses and dogs.  She enjoys connecting with her spiritual self through her work and her connection with nature. 

Through my work with Annie I have a renewed belief and confidence in who I am and how I meet the world.  She has given me tools to help me deal with the future.   



Annie Sorell BA, Dip Prof Couns.

  • Registered Counsellor (Aus Counselling Assoc)

  • Certified Advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner (International Assoc Advancement Energy Meridian Techniques)

  • Life Coach

  • Trauma Buster Practitioner

  • Meditation Teacher

  • Reiki Master

  • Numerologist

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give Annie a call!

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