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SKINNYBIK Cookies & My Books
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Feb 2008

Assoc. Prof. Antigone Kouris

Phone 03 9483 7099
Address Suite 22 (street level)
488 Neerim Rd
Murrumbeena VIC 3163
Servicing Areas Murrumbeena, Beaumaris & Bayside and surrounding areas
SKINNYBIK COOKIE RANGE ...cookies that love you fructose friendly and gluten free

Assoc. Prof. Antigone Kouris - Academic Publications

I developed the Skinnybik range in response to my patients wanting “better for you” but “tasty & filling” gourmet cookies whilst trying to lose weight. I have successfully used Skinnybik in my clinic’s weight loss programs. They contain unique wholesome ingredients such as easy to digest Spelt flour (suitable on low fodmap diet) or hunger busting Lupin flour (gluten free) with an impressive 10% fibre (most biscuits have 0-2% fibre).

Ther are THREE flavours:
Fructose friendly Spelt Date & Butterscotch Cookies - full taste, soft baked, suitable on low fodmap diet with easy to digest wholemeal spelt flour, oat/rice bran. Compared to regular oatmeal cookies they have 50% less sugar, 43% less starch, 340% more fibre 75% more protein, 28% less fat, 85% less saturated fat, 0% trans fat, 80% less salt only 56 calories each.

Gluten free Lupin Cocoa and Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies - full taste, soft baked, with hunger busting lupin. Compared to regular choc chip cookies they have 50% less sugar, 46% less starch, 420% more fibre, 98% more protein, 35% less fat, 85% less saturated fat, 0% trans fat, 47% less salt only 56 calories each.

Gluten free Lupin Cranberry and Rose Cookies - full taste, soft baked, with hunger busting lupin. Compared to regular fruit and nut cookies they have 40% less sugar, 38% less starch, 400% more fibre, 115% more protein, 42% less fat, 87% less saturated fat, 0% trans fat, 54% less salt only 56 calories each.

"There are no other gourmet cookies that tick
so many good nutrition boxes"
Sarah Leung, Dietitian, Healthy Energy, Melb.


Visit my website for more information about these tasy treats.

Read my interview with journalist Clancy Tucker about my research, books and special dietary cookies.


Dr Kouris' Books for general public and health professionals

Medications: Good and Bad Interactions with Foods, Herbs and Nutrients

Available in either paperback $18.99 or ebook $13.99 or Epub Book $8.95
400 commonly prescribed drugs and their interactions summarised in an easy to use format e.g answers to questions like "can fish oil be taken with aspirin? "

Food Sources of Nutrients

Available in either paperback $13.99 or ebook $7.99 or Epub Book $6.96
If you have ever wondered whiich foods are high in a particular nutrient then this book will give you lists of foods from highest to lowest levels of a nutrient per average serving e.g which foods are high in zinc and how much do you need to eat to get the recommended amount. Function of each nutrient included plus over 2000 foods and all the vitamins and minerals, macronutrients, phytochemicals, amines, salicylates, preservatives etc

Wellness Recipe Book
"You are what you COOK!"

Available in either paperback $18.99 or ebook $13.99 or Epub Book $10.99
Forward by Prof Mark Wahlqvist.

This book will show you how to eat a mediterranean diet based on Dr Kouris' research. There is emerging research on the health benefits of herbs/spices/coconut so Dr Kouris has worked these tasty South Asian flavours into the recipes to get the best of both worlds. Most recipes are reduced in calories, fat and carbs and are thus suitable for diabetes, weight control, cholesterol, coeliac, vegetarians and children.

Text books Dr Kouris has contributed to:

Food and Nutrition

Prof. Mark L. Wahlqvist (ed.)
3rd edition, Allen and Unwin, 2011

My chapters:

1) Nutritional Assessment and Monitoring
2) Nutritional Standards of Reference
3) Dietary Advice and Food Guidance Systems
4) Overweight and Obesity
5) Disordered Eating and Eating Disorders
6) Iodine and Thyroid function
7) Nutrition for Maturity and Ageing
8) Nutrition for Activity, Sport and Survival
9) Evaluating the Reliability of Nutrition Information and the Internet

Available in paperback

A Guide to Evidence-based Integrative and Complementary Medicine
Dr Vicki Kotsirilos, Prof Luis Vitetta, Prof Avni Sali (eds)
1st edition, Elsevier, 2011

My chapters:

1) Nutritional Assessment
2) Drug Nutrient Herb Interactions
3) Appendix: Tables of Food Sources of Nutrients
4) Appendix: Tables of 400 Drugs and their interactions with Foods, Herbs and Nutrients

Available in paperback

For some of my free recipes and latest in nutritional research, please go to

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Qualification Details

  • PhD Nutrition (Faculty Med, Monash)
  • BSc (Biochem) (Melb)
  • Hons (Nutrition) (Deakin)
  • Grad Dip Diet (Deakin)
  • Dip Botanic Med (Newcastle)

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